Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pony Books, With Actual Paragraphs!?

I'm sure I have came across these books in passing before but have never really thought too much about them. Always assumed they were picture books. Apparently I was wrong. There is in fact several MLP:FiM books over on Amazon that are, in fact, actual books.

Though maybe the blurb almost sounds like a bit of a fan Brony-fic

"Twilight Sparkle has been crowned Princess of the Crystal Empire, and now she wants to learn how to be a good leader. Inspired by her friend, Princess Cadance, she sets off on a quest to discover the Crystal Heart Spell - a magical spell that will help Twilight Sparkle follow her heart, no matter what. This magical My Little Pony adventure comes with your very own pop-up Princess Twilight Sparkle figure. Once you've read to the story, turn to the back of the book to discover bonus purple activity pages, packed with puzzles, games and more fun!"

Also, "purple activity pages" have they taken up calling Twi "Purple Smart" like some of us do? Also, it's worth checking out the second hand section for dirt cheap ones. I think I might have to pick a few of these up to either do epic readings (yes I know) or reviews (yes, I also know).

There's quite a selection of these books, such as a newer one where Rainbow Dash has to save Daring Do from the IRS, or something.

>>The big issue with making an IRS joke in the UK is it sounds too much like IRA
>>Not a good thing.

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