Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year of Pony

It's been a busy last half of 2013 for me, probably why I haven't been posting quite as much as I would have liked. Had to delete about three draft posts since they're now pretty much outdated. But oh well, stuff happens, just got to keep trekking on. With the new year having just started I guess it's time to write a bit of a new years revolution or something. Or better put, my aims for this blog in the coming year.

It's not really something I always like to set out and do, revolutions that is. I do plan ahead but at the same time I like to go by there and then, here and now.
But, here goes.

1. Post More frequently.
On average throughout 2013 we managed to get eight posts a month done. With our max being around twelve to fifteen. I'd love to aim for something more on the lines of fifteen to thirty posts a month, or a good medium being five posts a week.

2. Push more content.
Anyone who reads this blog should know that our usual post tends to be articles, such as reviews and the like. I would like to post more unknown content as well, music, fanfics and comics. Obviously i've always been under the impression that EQD is your best place for such content. But surely I can find some hidden gems more often than I already do.

3. Extend to more authors and encourage article submissions.
For the year i've been the only author on this blog. I really do think we could do a ton more if more people were involved with writing for this blog. I would also like to see one off articles submitted from time to time. So say you're not interested in becoming a more full time author but would like to get an article your eager to write published, then we'd love to host it.

Well, I guess those are the three aims for the year! Lets see how well we can do at succeeding with them. Happy New year to you all!

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