Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Massive update from Mane6

So comes the new year, as does big video game news. The guys who were behind Fighting is Magic just posted a huge big new article about their latest project and the year ahead. Definitely an interesting read for anyone interested in gaming or game making. They talk about how awesome the Z-Engine is to use and how they have worked on new software for their own mechanics, since obviously their game isn't just going to be SkullGirls after all. 

One of the big things people are going to love is the sneak peak at the concept artwork from Lauren Faust herself, seen above. As Lauren mentions in the description that this is the first official artwork of "the game formally known as Fighting is Magic",  suggesting there is going to be a new name for the game coming to light in the next few months. It's pretty much a given after the C&D from Hasbro way back in early 2013.
The Dev team also mentioned that some time this year they'll be intending to host a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign to allow them to purchase various important do-heekies and as a means for a wage to allow them to work on the game full time without any distractions. This is sure going to be a great project to get behind, i'd highly recommend donating even a few quid when they start, this game is going to be amazing.

They'll also be updating their website to a self hosted wordpress site sometime this month, so don't mind any down time. Last thing they mentioned was that they might be looking for new members of their team, partially in the art department, so keep checking their site for updates.

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