Thursday, 2 January 2014

Is the Everfree Forest dying?

Evidently there is a theory going around that since the Tree of Harmony got the elements back that it's sort of "purifying" the Everfree forest.
Now lets take this theory back to it's roots, no no, that's not a pun I swear. Now if you guys know about the history of The Everfree Forest, which you should, you'll know that sometime after the Elements of Harmony were taken from the Tree of Harmony the forest became overgrown, sort of went out of control and destroyed the sister's castle. Now I do recall something about the emotions and darkness of NMM aiding in the creation of this, but I can't quite remember what source that is from.
All we know is that the area became abounded, weather acted on it's own and magic ran haywire. Everything does link these events to the elements being taken.

Now they've been put back what does this mean? Will The Everfree Forest recede into it's self? The mane six are fixing the castle up currently, so obviously the Princesses intend to use it again for something. Maybe The Everfree forest is dying, it still has all the dangerous beasties in, I wonder where they'll go to when it does. Maybe the forest existed back in the olden time but it was smaller, an Everfree Woods if you will. Maybe it'll return to that.

All we know though is it still holds many mysteries and I don't think we'll ever stop seeing something interesting coming out of it. Discuss your thoughts on The Everfree Forest in the comments!

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