Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fifty Foot Rainbow Dash Destroys City.

Alright, Alright, maybe she's not quite fifty foot. But she certainly is massive. This oversized Rainbow Dash plush is listed as life size, but if anyone knows their little ponies, ponies are roughly the size of a human hand, or similar to the toys. So this one would be a Titan Pony for sure.

For $1000 starting bid, I wouldn't like to imagine how high this goes. Would be a perfect addition to any mad person's home decor. Heck, kids under 50 lbs can right this thing. In that case most of us bronies would crush it. Though I can imagine it falling over and crushing pets. How many cats and pugs has this thing killed? A lot I tell you, a lot. I wish someone would make one of these things for a really obscure OC, would be hilarious. Like Sir Patric the giant alicorn prince, brother of Celestia also her lover.

Go and put your life savings on the line over on eBay! 

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