Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fanboy3 holding weekly MLP CCG Tournaments

Those of you who live in Manchester and have a fondness for children card games (totally what CCG stands for), should know of the place known only as Fanboy3. Like most card shops they hold weekly tournaments/friendlys. With the release of the MLP CCG, Fanboy3, through I assume pressure of raving lunatics otherwise known as we bronies, have began holding these weeklys for the game. 

As of now, they'll take place every Wednesday at 5pm, Fanboy3 on Newton Street. Entry is £3 which gets you a booster pack. Not certain if you'll get the booster everytime, but I haven't spent much time in Fanboy3, i'll be heading there next week though. As many of you would agree, the card game is really growing on me. It's rather fun and I can't wait to really get into it, duel more people and start building decks.

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