Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Equestria Girls The Second Coming: Top of the Pops Edition

There's been a sudden burst of interest concerning what might very well hint at a second Equestria Girls film. I recall this being hinted at a few months ago thanks to a new toy line called Rainbow Rocks. Personally I thought they could manage to sell the dolls without having to splash out on another Equestria Girls film, but i'm not the guy in-charge of what Hasbro spends their money on.

I did however, as I'm sure you're aware, enjoy Equestria Girls. So i'm not overly against a second coming. It'll be interesting to see where they take it. Will it have the same awesome story revolving around a villain. Or will it be more a slice of a life where nothing bad as such is happening.

Also it being called Rainbow Rocks makes me wonder if this time Rainbow Dash will be the filly making the jump. Though that'll probably over complicate things with there being two Dash's and a definite lack of Twilight. So it's more likely that Twi travels through the mirror again. I wonder why though, maybe Celestia is all "Go and slap Sunset Shimmer for me" or maybe it'll start with Sunset shimmer falling through the mirror all frazzled and injured and her final words before she passes out in Twilight's arms are "The school's in danger". That'd be sick, someone write that fanfic now. Though I feel after the credits roll we'll then find out that the "danger' is in fact Rainbow's Rockband is in finical troubles after the singer got caught sniffing paint behind the bike sheds and the papers slandered the entire band. Obviously then Twilight goes there and becomes the new singer and after solving some friendship issue they battled it out to win the big Battle of the Bands contest between all the districts schools. Canterlot High wins and Twilight gets to kiss Flash again and the entire school cheers. Back in the the Crystal Empire Pinkie has been playing Monopoly with Cadance for the past three days for product placement some unknown reason.

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