Sunday, 19 January 2014

Equestria Daily turns three!

This is quite the landmark we have here. Equestria Daily today, well yesterday here in the UK, but over at it's place of origin, The States, it's still Saturday, so the celebrations are well underway.

What does EQD mean to you? Some people have said that the fandom wouldn't exist without Seth, I don't agree quite with that statement, as it's the creators of content that keep this fandom living, however Seth really has given us something amazing these past three years. The amount of work he and the rest of the EQD team have up into creating a news site to showcase all the amazing stuff this fandom is doing.

This certainly is a day to celebrate. I wish I knew sooner else i'd have planned something a little cooler. I guess we sort of forget silly things such as dates when this ride is going so quickly. Also in two years EQD will be five, now that's really something! We have two years to plan a massive surprise party, right, so get planning!

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