Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Darren McMullen's Outsiders (Nat Geo Series)

If you went to BUCK 2013 and quite possibly Manechester's pre-meet on the Friday you surely should know that a film crew were scooting around recording us for a documentary on interesting subcultures to be aired on National Geographic. They recorded at Manechester's pre-meet in the Waldorf, where Cheesey Burger did a fantastic interview, you won't be disappointed. I remember him talking quite in-depth about the awesome stuff this fandom has to offer, then the camera panned to me and probably broke or something. Check out a after the break for some links to the trailer and other goodies!

Well, i'm as surprised as anyone but it's being aired today at 8:30pm.. in Australia. Yup, it's an Australian documentary series, I honestly didn't know. Whilst we were dealing with them I assumed it was a British one. Maybe the interviewer being Australian should have been a bigger hint, though the film crew were Austrian I believe, so that threw me even more.

Anyway, this does mean it's past 5am tomorrow down under. So the episode has already aired. Did anyone catch it? I wonder if it's somewhere on the internet already.

Here's some pics from the brony segment other on National Geographic's Facebook page. 

And here's the trailer for the series over on the Australian Nat Geo site! 

TV Tonight Article

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