Monday, 13 January 2014

Collection of Season 4 Remixes!

Season 4 has had a wide range of songs already and with that comes plenty of awesome remixes. Glad to see the brony musicians getting back into the swing of things and it's nice to see some new faces emerging! Not only have I loved all the songs but i'm really loving these remixes, they're just fantastic, well thought out and have amazing beats. Honestly, you guys, like the artists and plush makers, must be sitting there with your DJ equipment ready to pounce whilst watching the episodes! Keep up the great work.

Here's just some of the fabulous remixes of Season 4 songs so far. Check em out after the break!

Hearts as Strong as Horses

This guy is certainly making his way in the fandom, he's quick and has been making some fantastic songs this season! I highly recommend checking out his other songs.

Vampire Bats

Generosity/Alone I Stand

Apples to the Core

Check out this one as well, not S4, but damn it's good.

If there are any cool ones i've missed please submit them! 

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