Sunday, 5 January 2014

Coco Pommel, worlds best waifu

Looks like the blue maned Manehattenian? manehattanite? Mutton? Erm, New Maner? cutie from yesterday's episode has tugged on the hearts of bronies and well, there's already a crazy amount of artwork of her. It's not really all that surprising knowing this fandom, pretty sure some artists and crafters must sit their at the ready, tool in hand whilst watching each new episode. Anyway, Coco Pommel is official everyone's best waifu for the current time being. Also with the hint over on twitter that she might be making another appearance in the show, lets hope she stays on as Rarity's assistant. That'll be a wonderful development for the show I think, also Spike would be jelly. Obviously she'll totally be shipped with Rarity and they'll adopt an Indian filly or something, totally legit fan theory/show canon, Season 7 confirmed.

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