Saturday, 18 January 2014

CCG: Video Tutorial by Kudou Kun

Enterplay's CCG is now hitting stores around the UK and with that there comes a ton of people wanting to d-d-d-duel. Hopefully a bunch of you guys got to try this out back in November at the London and Manechester Season 4 Premiere meets. 

I managed to have a game the Thursday before, it was a little difficult for the first time, but it seemed fun. Having watched this video up top i've now got a much better understanding of it. Got a deck and some boosters ordered from Mareplay (link over there on the right!) so i'll be proper getting to grips with it other the next week or so. I'll hopefully get a few articles up about the game, if there's anything in particular you guys want me to write about them please let me know.

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