Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fanboy3 holding weekly MLP CCG Tournaments

Those of you who live in Manchester and have a fondness for children card games (totally what CCG stands for), should know of the place known only as Fanboy3. Like most card shops they hold weekly tournaments/friendlys. With the release of the MLP CCG, Fanboy3, through I assume pressure of raving lunatics otherwise known as we bronies, have began holding these weeklys for the game. 

As of now, they'll take place every Wednesday at 5pm, Fanboy3 on Newton Street. Entry is £3 which gets you a booster pack. Not certain if you'll get the booster everytime, but I haven't spent much time in Fanboy3, i'll be heading there next week though. As many of you would agree, the card game is really growing on me. It's rather fun and I can't wait to really get into it, duel more people and start building decks.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Three's a Crowd Teaser!

Ok, I had to post this up just for the sheer wtf moment. Honestly if that's Discord just flying in like some strange out of control Catharine wheel, I just don't know what else it would be. Check out the video after the break. Also who else totally thought Pinkie said "Two Sisters in love" the first time around. Obviously best OTP. I know just from that one little scene, we're going to love this episode. Saturday can't come quicker. I'll probably be watching it in some random Starbucks in London.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Equestria Girls The Second Coming: Top of the Pops Edition

There's been a sudden burst of interest concerning what might very well hint at a second Equestria Girls film. I recall this being hinted at a few months ago thanks to a new toy line called Rainbow Rocks. Personally I thought they could manage to sell the dolls without having to splash out on another Equestria Girls film, but i'm not the guy in-charge of what Hasbro spends their money on.

I did however, as I'm sure you're aware, enjoy Equestria Girls. So i'm not overly against a second coming. It'll be interesting to see where they take it. Will it have the same awesome story revolving around a villain. Or will it be more a slice of a life where nothing bad as such is happening.

TODAY Interviews Darren McMullen

As a follow up from my post yesterday about the National Geographic series, Outsiders. The Australian breakfast show "TODAY" interviewed Darren McMullen about the series. They talk quite a bit about us bronies and there's some awesome footage. Totally so some familiar faces in the centre of the camera! Check out the interview after the break!

Useful websites for the Card Game!

A few interesting websites have popped up centred around the CCG. I think at the current time they're sort of fighting it out to see who's going to be the go to place for the card game community though I do think i've picked out a few of the ones that seem to be something something unique enough that they can all survive. I guess it'll be up to you guys in the end!

First we have a UK based community site that includes a blog for news concerning the CCG and a forums for players to post about their decks, arrange tournaments and generally just chat about the game. The site can be found here!

We also have PonyHead! Loving the name by the way. This site lists all the cards in detail and even allows you to build your deck using the visual deck builder. What's great about this is you can then share the customer URL with anyone so they can view your deck. 

Someone's created a wikia for the CCG, not sure how in-depth it is yet but this might be quite a fantastic resource in the coming months for people interested in playing.

Finally we have a site named cutiemark! They do have a forums and things but what's most interesting with this site is they're selling singles. So if there is a specific card your looking for this is the perfect place to go.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Darren McMullen's Outsiders (Nat Geo Series)

If you went to BUCK 2013 and quite possibly Manechester's pre-meet on the Friday you surely should know that a film crew were scooting around recording us for a documentary on interesting subcultures to be aired on National Geographic. They recorded at Manechester's pre-meet in the Waldorf, where Cheesey Burger did a fantastic interview, you won't be disappointed. I remember him talking quite in-depth about the awesome stuff this fandom has to offer, then the camera panned to me and probably broke or something. Check out a after the break for some links to the trailer and other goodies!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Equestria Daily turns three!

This is quite the landmark we have here. Equestria Daily today, well yesterday here in the UK, but over at it's place of origin, The States, it's still Saturday, so the celebrations are well underway.

What does EQD mean to you? Some people have said that the fandom wouldn't exist without Seth, I don't agree quite with that statement, as it's the creators of content that keep this fandom living, however Seth really has given us something amazing these past three years. The amount of work he and the rest of the EQD team have up into creating a news site to showcase all the amazing stuff this fandom is doing.

This certainly is a day to celebrate. I wish I knew sooner else i'd have planned something a little cooler. I guess we sort of forget silly things such as dates when this ride is going so quickly. Also in two years EQD will be five, now that's really something! We have two years to plan a massive surprise party, right, so get planning!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

CCG: Video Tutorial by Kudou Kun

Enterplay's CCG is now hitting stores around the UK and with that there comes a ton of people wanting to d-d-d-duel. Hopefully a bunch of you guys got to try this out back in November at the London and Manechester Season 4 Premiere meets. 

I managed to have a game the Thursday before, it was a little difficult for the first time, but it seemed fun. Having watched this video up top i've now got a much better understanding of it. Got a deck and some boosters ordered from Mareplay (link over there on the right!) so i'll be proper getting to grips with it other the next week or so. I'll hopefully get a few articles up about the game, if there's anything in particular you guys want me to write about them please let me know.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Rainbow Falls?!

So tomorrow's episode, Rainbow Falls, is centred around the Equestrian Games tryouts. Basically Rainbow Dash is there with the Ponyville team and it sucks so she gets invited to try out for the Cloudsdale team, obviously then she's convicted between taking this amazing opportunity or ditching her friends. One interesting thing is the title, most people since they heard it have assumed this episode will take place around the Rainbow Fall's place seen in Sleepless in Ponyville back in Season 3. Which is the beautiful place underneath Cloudsdale where all the rainbows just sort of pour everywhere. Having watched the two teaser clips, the tryouts don't appear to be taking place there. All though I might be mistaken but I think even if the location is indeed there, I think the title of the episode might have a lot more to do with Rainbow Dash and her actions. We'll have to watch and find out!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Pinkie invades Machinae Supremacy!

My favourite band in the whole wide world, Machinae Supremacy have totally done a lil' shoutout to us bronies. The 404 page on their website has Pinkie smushing her face against the screen, what's not to love!

I wonder if this means they watch the show! I wouldn't put it past them, they have a track record of including Internet and popular culture in their songs, such as their latest Music Video for their song All of my Angels' including the Weeping Angels from Dr. Who or how two of their songs are about Deathnote. Can't wait for them to tour in the UK this year. One thing i've never seen are ponyfied versions of the band members, that should totally be a thing, would love that on a shirt.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Collection of Season 4 Remixes!

Season 4 has had a wide range of songs already and with that comes plenty of awesome remixes. Glad to see the brony musicians getting back into the swing of things and it's nice to see some new faces emerging! Not only have I loved all the songs but i'm really loving these remixes, they're just fantastic, well thought out and have amazing beats. Honestly, you guys, like the artists and plush makers, must be sitting there with your DJ equipment ready to pounce whilst watching the episodes! Keep up the great work.

Here's just some of the fabulous remixes of Season 4 songs so far. Check em out after the break!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Season V is Confirmed Because Roman Numerals Are Cool

Surely you all know by now that our masters have teased us with a new revelation. This addition to the book of chromosomes was sent down from the heavens, stating one important fact.

"Season 5 is confirmed"

Get hype! I always love to hear about the next season being confirmed, especially when it's this early into a currently airing season. It means we know we practically have at least another two years of mucking around posting ponies. It's not even like we can ask the entire "what's your hopes for Season x" thing, since we still have a chock load of Season 4 to go.

Though what do I think about the fandom? Well, some will come and go, I know that for sure. Next lot of drama will surely be about a second Equestria Girls film where Twilight becomes a groupie for Flash Sentry's boy band. It'll end up with Twi being arrested for driving recklessly after taking some strange substance she found behind the bike sheds at Canterlot High.

Friday, 10 January 2014

[Spoilers] Diva Discord!

Not sure if i've ever posted spoilers as such here, think i've always avoided them like the plague. It's not a biggy, I'd say it's worth checking out just for the sheer win this episode synopsis has. But i'll be courteous, you have been warned. In fact, I might add a no-spoilers mode link to the site if anyone is interested in hiding them altogether! Though I guess the title totally gives it away, but you know, the second you see that spoiler box you need to train yourself to pull the power cord from your computer. What about if you're using a laptop, phone or tablet? Out of the Window they go! Read on after the break.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

BronyScot: Surprise Nessie Plush!

So, we had just finished a meeting, a few of us had gone to bed, thinking everything was over and done with for the day. When suddenly! We get sent this!! Made by the incredible Greig McGingle! A Nessie plushie! With scarf and all. We really can't get over how amazing this is, it's so well made, it's also his first ever plush, which really speaks a lot for his skill at this craft!

What's even better, Greig's going to donate the plush to our charity auction taking place whilst the event is happening. What a legend! Sadly he doesn't have a Deviant Art profile we could link to!

Pony Books, With Actual Paragraphs!?

I'm sure I have came across these books in passing before but have never really thought too much about them. Always assumed they were picture books. Apparently I was wrong. There is in fact several MLP:FiM books over on Amazon that are, in fact, actual books.

Though maybe the blurb almost sounds like a bit of a fan Brony-fic

"Twilight Sparkle has been crowned Princess of the Crystal Empire, and now she wants to learn how to be a good leader. Inspired by her friend, Princess Cadance, she sets off on a quest to discover the Crystal Heart Spell - a magical spell that will help Twilight Sparkle follow her heart, no matter what. This magical My Little Pony adventure comes with your very own pop-up Princess Twilight Sparkle figure. Once you've read to the story, turn to the back of the book to discover bonus purple activity pages, packed with puzzles, games and more fun!"

Also, "purple activity pages" have they taken up calling Twi "Purple Smart" like some of us do? Also, it's worth checking out the second hand section for dirt cheap ones. I think I might have to pick a few of these up to either do epic readings (yes I know) or reviews (yes, I also know).

There's quite a selection of these books, such as a newer one where Rainbow Dash has to save Daring Do from the IRS, or something.

>>The big issue with making an IRS joke in the UK is it sounds too much like IRA
>>Not a good thing.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fifty Foot Rainbow Dash Destroys City.

Alright, Alright, maybe she's not quite fifty foot. But she certainly is massive. This oversized Rainbow Dash plush is listed as life size, but if anyone knows their little ponies, ponies are roughly the size of a human hand, or similar to the toys. So this one would be a Titan Pony for sure.

For $1000 starting bid, I wouldn't like to imagine how high this goes. Would be a perfect addition to any mad person's home decor. Heck, kids under 50 lbs can right this thing. In that case most of us bronies would crush it. Though I can imagine it falling over and crushing pets. How many cats and pugs has this thing killed? A lot I tell you, a lot. I wish someone would make one of these things for a really obscure OC, would be hilarious. Like Sir Patric the giant alicorn prince, brother of Celestia also her lover.

Go and put your life savings on the line over on eBay! 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Fanfiction: Wonderbirds by 8_bit

So I popped open the submissions Spreadsheet as I have been letting it get a bit dusty for a while. Well I certainly did find a gem in there. Good old 8_bit is back with a fanfic called Wonderbirds, yes, he went there. It's a Thunderbirds crossover/parody. Haven't read it myself yet, but the blurb did make me chuckle. Reminded me a lot of the cheesy voice over guy they had during the opening credits.

Check out both chapters over on FiM Fiction.

Coco Pommel, worlds best waifu

Looks like the blue maned Manehattenian? manehattanite? Mutton? Erm, New Maner? cutie from yesterday's episode has tugged on the hearts of bronies and well, there's already a crazy amount of artwork of her. It's not really all that surprising knowing this fandom, pretty sure some artists and crafters must sit their at the ready, tool in hand whilst watching each new episode. Anyway, Coco Pommel is official everyone's best waifu for the current time being. Also with the hint over on twitter that she might be making another appearance in the show, lets hope she stays on as Rarity's assistant. That'll be a wonderful development for the show I think, also Spike would be jelly. Obviously she'll totally be shipped with Rarity and they'll adopt an Indian filly or something, totally legit fan theory/show canon, Season 7 confirmed.

Queen of Crystals Shirt on sale over at Shirtpunch!

Ok, I know it was posted on EQD, but I damn love Cadance so I can't not post this here! Over at Shirtpunch, one of those 24 hour shirt sites, they've got this lovely Cadance design selling for around $10 with $6 shipping, which is about £10! Definitely a bargain, pick it up before the timer runs out. I would love more Cadance shirts, more Cadance everything in fact. Cadance bedspread, Cadance onesies, Cadance brand cider.

Ok, maybe I mentioned one pretty pink princess a few too many times in this post, but come on! Look at that shirt design, it's fab.

The Name of Strife - Skybolt

Surprising enough I don't post enough Discord here, I love Discord he is like family to me. This song is surprisingly good, might not have the wubs and dubs of the other Discord song we all love, but damn the lyrics and voice acting in this one are just fabulous. Even tells a sort of story of why Discord does what he does. He's not all that much of a bad guy, honest.

Shady Vox's OC spotted in Manehatten!

Just finished watching Rarity Takes Manehatten and one of the comments on the video mentioned Shady Vox's OC, Neon Lights at the 02:23 mark. I didn't believe it at first but on closer inspection damn it is true! I didn't expect to see this anytime soon. I know MandoPony got in the comics, but then he is dating a story board artist after all. I have to say, Neon Lights certainly suits the city that never sleeps! What's next, an entire episode with brony OC's? That'd either be amazing or horrifying, can't decide. Which OC's from the fandom would you guys love to see in the show?

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Trixie is looking rather Punk!

So Walmart released some pictures of a new Trixie doll in the Equestria Girls range. She looks goth punk as hell. If the dolls weren't so flimsy i'd consider buying more of them, only got the Twi and Sunset shimmer set myself. Where as MLP toys tend to be a little 'hardy' and sort of have that unbreakable feel to them, the Equestria Girls dolls feel like they'd snap in two if you played with them too hard. Shame really because some of them looks dead stylish!

Check out the pic after the break!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Is the Everfree Forest dying?

Evidently there is a theory going around that since the Tree of Harmony got the elements back that it's sort of "purifying" the Everfree forest.
Now lets take this theory back to it's roots, no no, that's not a pun I swear. Now if you guys know about the history of The Everfree Forest, which you should, you'll know that sometime after the Elements of Harmony were taken from the Tree of Harmony the forest became overgrown, sort of went out of control and destroyed the sister's castle. Now I do recall something about the emotions and darkness of NMM aiding in the creation of this, but I can't quite remember what source that is from.
All we know is that the area became abounded, weather acted on it's own and magic ran haywire. Everything does link these events to the elements being taken.

Now they've been put back what does this mean? Will The Everfree Forest recede into it's self? The mane six are fixing the castle up currently, so obviously the Princesses intend to use it again for something. Maybe The Everfree forest is dying, it still has all the dangerous beasties in, I wonder where they'll go to when it does. Maybe the forest existed back in the olden time but it was smaller, an Everfree Woods if you will. Maybe it'll return to that.

All we know though is it still holds many mysteries and I don't think we'll ever stop seeing something interesting coming out of it. Discuss your thoughts on The Everfree Forest in the comments!

New Powerpuff Girls trailer!

Should have totally posted about this last week when I saw the trailer. Oh my word, that art style! It's very very different but there's something really intriguing about it. Oh and MOJOJOJOJOJO, can't get enough MOJOJOJOJO.

I wonder if this is what Faust's been helping work on since stepping down as honcho over on FiM.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Line up and be counted! The Herd Census is back!

For those of you who have been in the fandom for a while now should surely know about the Herd Census. If you haven't, it's a simple enough survey asking for a range of details and opinions, all taken anonymously to give a good view of the people in the fandom and what makes them love ponies!

Take the census here! http://survey.herdcensus.com
This year they have it in several different languages, which is great for accessibility. They're having a little problem with traffic at the moment, as the big friendly letters on their website state. Don't worry, things should be fine in a few hours! Oh and this year it's being conducted in conjunction with researchers at Salem State University, some actual doctorates are reviewing the data and doing a paper on the personality traits of bronies. So that's pretty neat. What ever you do, don't tell them about the thing, you know the thing I am talking about!

Massive update from Mane6

So comes the new year, as does big video game news. The guys who were behind Fighting is Magic just posted a huge big new article about their latest project and the year ahead. Definitely an interesting read for anyone interested in gaming or game making. They talk about how awesome the Z-Engine is to use and how they have worked on new software for their own mechanics, since obviously their game isn't just going to be SkullGirls after all. 

One of the big things people are going to love is the sneak peak at the concept artwork from Lauren Faust herself, seen above. As Lauren mentions in the description that this is the first official artwork of "the game formally known as Fighting is Magic",  suggesting there is going to be a new name for the game coming to light in the next few months. It's pretty much a given after the C&D from Hasbro way back in early 2013.

New Year of Pony

It's been a busy last half of 2013 for me, probably why I haven't been posting quite as much as I would have liked. Had to delete about three draft posts since they're now pretty much outdated. But oh well, stuff happens, just got to keep trekking on. With the new year having just started I guess it's time to write a bit of a new years revolution or something. Or better put, my aims for this blog in the coming year.

It's not really something I always like to set out and do, revolutions that is. I do plan ahead but at the same time I like to go by there and then, here and now.