Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Super Winter Brony Party Announces VIPs and Tombstone!

So the biggest brony bash of the winter taking place in London on the 25th January has announced some pretty cool guests who'll be performing! The biggest names being Julie Basecqz (that's French Rarity), Anneli Heed (who else, but Swedish Spitfire!) and of course our very own, Living Tombstone!

On top of all that we'll be seeing Acoustic Brony, Eilemonty, JayB, DJ Sleepypony and HMage!

For those who loved the Summer Sun Celebration and of course, Spyker's birthday last year, this party will be a huge hit!

Make sure you check out the UKoE thread and register! As only people who have registered will be getting into the event~ Which is free by the way, so there's really no reason not to go!

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