Tuesday, 31 December 2013


For the longest time I was against putting adverts on this blog. Since it's just a blog after all, I have no finical cost with running this site and especially since the guys over at the UKoE manage to host a huge forums and pay for all of it out of their own pocket, I certainly didn't think adverts on my site would be a good or fitting idea.

However, there has been one little thing plaguing me! You guys should remember the contest we ran for Halloween! The banner contest and the winner got a £10 Amazon gift card! Well I paid for that myself, obviously but i'd love to do more contests throughout 2014. But for that we need a bit of a fund, or at least something to go towards the cost of buying prizes! So, this is where adverts come in! Using an online calculator i've figured out that we could get around £5 a month. Ok it's not exactly a huge sum of money, certainly not going to buy my way to Mexico to live with the Cholo Bronies. But it sure is going to allow me to run more contests and offer better prizes!

Now I am uncertain how much revenue we could be getting from this. So this is my promise to you all, if after a good couple of months we're seeing no finical gain from this, I'll be booting the ads! Not going to have them there if they aren't serving a purpose! Don't worry, i'll make sure there are prizes no matter what! Even if it's a dinner date with me and MUSH, I am sure you'll all enjoy that.

>the feel when the only ads we're getting are for Google's products

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