Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Your Country needs you! ~ For a Military BUCK 2014 Panel!

Hey all! So got something for our brothers in arms! If you're a military brony, you might be quite interested! A brony named Michael Lee is looking to run a military brony panel at BUCK 2014 and he'd obviously like as much help with this as possible! His quote can be found below.
"Okie Dokie...So I this goes out to any British Military Bronies that are here whether you are a Cadet Instructor, Ex or currently serving, I am arranging a Military Bronies Panel for BUCK 2014 (Depending on it's next location) If you are at all interested, Please message me to show you interest and we will have to start planning once things start getting confirmed!"
 For those interested, please hit him up an email at GamerBronies@Live.co.uk

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