Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What i'd like to see in Season 4

What I want for Season Four is.
What I want for Season Four is.
What I want for Season Four is.

So, season four is about to bless us with it's presence. I was intending to do many more articles leading up to season four about various theories and looks into what people wanted from season 4. But sadly that didn't really happen. But oh well, no big loss, we'll definitely be seeing a ton of articles come season 4's release. For now, here's a few things i'd love to see in season 4. Post yours in the comments below!

1. Another solo Sweetie Belle song.
Seriously, Hush Now Quiet now was one of the best songs in the series, Sweetie Belle is legend, enough said. I was really disappointed that they butchered her singing voice in season 3 episode, Sleepless in Ponyville. Ok, it was for comic relief but still, I got really excited when she breathed in to sing.. and then was really sad when it was all out of tune and bad, sounded more like she was having a shouting match with herself. So yeah, lets hope they have another musical number with the best CMC. It doesn't have to be a long one, just a few seconds, i'd be happy with that.

2. History
Ok, no one can say no to this. I think we all must love hearing about the diverse and highly interesting history of Equestria. This is certainly something heavily hinted at for Season 4 as well, especially since not only episodes 1 and 2 but also 3 have a synopsis that pretty much screams, history lesson! Definitely some good world building and story law development will be happening quite early on in this new season.

3. Twilight's parents.
Ok ok, I know we've seen them many times and there is still many holes missing form the mane 6 family tree. But Twilight's parents are by far the most interesting in my opinion. I don't really know how far I can go into proving this point, since i'd have too compare them to ten other ponies whom we've only met a few of and even then, not seen their personalities in the slightest. I guess i'd like to see the other ponies parents as well, obviously not Applejack's though since they'd be a little too decomposed for a kids show. I'm specially wanting to see Twilight's mother since she seems like such an awesome character in the comics. Plus they seem like they're really down to earth, unlike most of the ponies from Canterlot.

4. Villains going sick
Speaks for it's self. I think the most violent villain we saw would probably have had to have been Trixie, since her actions whilst wearing the alicorn amulet. At least from actual violence in the show, the other villains were obviously worse, but they tended to have more screen time being charismatic rather than violent. Trixie full on almost killed a pony with that wagon she launched, luckily Twilight was able to stop it. So yes, it'd be almost to see an all out magical brawl between Twi and a new villain, one with lasers and things. Oh, I just sort of remembered the changeling battle, that was pretty damn violent.

Now, there are probably a ton more things to add to this list! I hope to hear from your suggestions! I'll likely make a part two at some point before season 4 starts.

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