Sunday, 17 November 2013

The subject of Hooves!

One of the biggest mysteries of all of Equestria happened to be one that almost all ponies take for granted, with a special exception for maybe Lyra. How do hooves even work!? One moment we see ponies walking on them making the clippy-cloppy sound and leaving horse shoe marks, the next we see them softly picking an item up. This has to be some form of evil dark magic or science, there's no other explanation!

Or maybe there is. Join us after the break for some theories!

I don't like how many times this info graphic mentions bladders...

So the info graphic above describes quite an interesting concept with some real science involved. Basically it is taking a concept with are using in robotics and applying it to a biological creature. In fact as with many concepts within robotics they tend to come from observing and studying actual living beings, so for all we know this concept could very well exist and be pretty standard for some type of sea-monkey monster we'd rather not have as a pet.

One distinctive, yet disturbing theory someone once described to me involved ponies have millions of microscopic tendrils all over the bottoms of their hooves. Constantly wiggling about. Anyway this allows them to pick items up, it sort of makes sense really, as horrific as it sounds. He proceeded to run a blind bag pony acorss my face saying "imagine, all the little tendrils are tickling your face right now.. and in theory they could work up walls if they tried hard enough". Who ever said "what happens at Comic Con, stays at Comic Con" was more than right.

A theory some people throw out when asked about this is "magnets". Now you'd probably be thinking that a pony would have to be made of metal for this work. Well maybe they have coils in their hooves or something? Like going around their bones, that'd be pretty creepy wouldn't it, but like a natural eletromagnet. It'd have to be powerful though to effect non-metal objects, if that would even work at all. Maybe they manipulate gravity slightly?

Others have suggested adhesive that secrete from the hoof. Seems plausible but also really messy. Plus what stops them from getting stuck to the floor. I can imagine it just happening during the night and the pony would wake up stuck together and not able to move, let that settle in for a second.

Anyway I bet there are a ton more theories out there, why not post yours in the comment section below!

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