Monday, 11 November 2013

Red Cherry Productions looking for Bronies!

A student production company by the name of Red Cherry Productions are intending to produce a documentary on bronies and our culture. Obviously this is a student project, so their grades depend on it and that jazz, so it's more than likely that this documentary will show us in good light.
They're looking at making a 3 minute short that if approved will allow them to work on a 20-30 minute documentary that will be shown at a film festival.

If you're interested in being interviews, ect, please get in touch with them at the email below.

"Hello, We are a student media production company based down in Winchester.
The reason why we are contacting you, is that we are creating a documentary on the Brony Culture.
We would like to see if anyone in your community would be willing to partake in it and let us into your interesting lifestyle.
Message us back if you'd like to hear more, or email us at 
Thank you"

If you want to check out some of their previous work, their YouTube channel can be found here.

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