Sunday, 17 November 2013

The subject of Hooves!

One of the biggest mysteries of all of Equestria happened to be one that almost all ponies take for granted, with a special exception for maybe Lyra. How do hooves even work!? One moment we see ponies walking on them making the clippy-cloppy sound and leaving horse shoe marks, the next we see them softly picking an item up. This has to be some form of evil dark magic or science, there's no other explanation!

Or maybe there is. Join us after the break for some theories!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tombstone Boycotts Google

Well, I wasn't expecting this to happen. Tombstone has recently uploaded a video titled "YouTube comments disabled". In the video he explains that he has chosen to close comments down on all of his songs and videos because he disagrees with how Google is handling the new comment system. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, but this just seems a little be silly. The video is worded as if he is protesting, as if others join and do what he has then Google will have no choice but to change the comment system back.

There's certainly been a ton of whining going on concerning this subject, but I ask you all who disagree with Google's actions just one thing. Have you even given the new comment system a go? It's by far superior then the previous. The layout is neater, the inclusion of plus tagging people is a fantastic little addition. Replies are displayed better now and the best part is that you can choose to comment either public or to specfic Google+ circles. This creates even more conversation, rather than just one big messy rant there are now several conversations you can enter. I know it might be annoying that Google are forcing Google+ onto people and I agree that them forcing people to change their YouTube channel names to their Google+ names is just silly. But, to be frank and I have said this is on many occasions, Google has done a lot worse to YouTube that changed it fundamentally and we all just sat and let it fly by without even a moan.

Oh and The Tomb has a Subreddit now.. for some reason.

What i'd like to see in Season 4

What I want for Season Four is.
What I want for Season Four is.
What I want for Season Four is.

So, season four is about to bless us with it's presence. I was intending to do many more articles leading up to season four about various theories and looks into what people wanted from season 4. But sadly that didn't really happen. But oh well, no big loss, we'll definitely be seeing a ton of articles come season 4's release. For now, here's a few things i'd love to see in season 4. Post yours in the comments below!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Red Cherry Productions looking for Bronies!

A student production company by the name of Red Cherry Productions are intending to produce a documentary on bronies and our culture. Obviously this is a student project, so their grades depend on it and that jazz, so it's more than likely that this documentary will show us in good light.
They're looking at making a 3 minute short that if approved will allow them to work on a 20-30 minute documentary that will be shown at a film festival.

If you're interested in being interviews, ect, please get in touch with them at the email below.

"Hello, We are a student media production company based down in Winchester.
The reason why we are contacting you, is that we are creating a documentary on the Brony Culture.
We would like to see if anyone in your community would be willing to partake in it and let us into your interesting lifestyle.
Message us back if you'd like to hear more, or email us at 
Thank you"

If you want to check out some of their previous work, their YouTube channel can be found here.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

BronyScot Social Media!

Hello! Guess this is not exactly a new update, have pushed this already over on the UKoE! But definitely need to spread the BronyScot social pages more! We got about 45 likes over on the Facebook page within a few or so, which is quite a good feat! But that's certainly not enough! Especially with the large amount of people who took our survey!

So here goes! Follow, share, spread the word!

Facebook Page
Google+ Page

Website: Coming soon!
UKoE Thread

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Which side characters need more love?

Imagine if they brought Steven Magnet back in season 4. That'd be so weird, yet amazing. He was the best character. I am sure you can all agree.

So, which one off side characters would you love seeing getting some more love in season 4? No, Trixie doesn't count, she had two episodes.. and Seth would be too happy.

I'd like to see Twilight's parents actually having a speaking role. If the comics are canon enough to the show we might be seeing just this! Since Twilight's mum is the author of Daring Do in the comics and one of the upcoming season 4 episodes sees the Rainbow Dash and Twilight help the author of their favourite adventure book series to finish their latest.

Calling it, giants crabs will fight Rarity.

Mareplay UK now accepting trade ins

So, Bunny over at Mareplay has just announced that he is now buying second hand MLP toys. Check out the quite below for more info!
"Mare Play UK is now BUYING your old second hand MLP merch for CASH. I will also cover your postage!
Simply contact me at if you are interested."
~ Bunny 
Now you can get more money, for more merch!

Your Country needs you! ~ For a Military BUCK 2014 Panel!

Hey all! So got something for our brothers in arms! If you're a military brony, you might be quite interested! A brony named Michael Lee is looking to run a military brony panel at BUCK 2014 and he'd obviously like as much help with this as possible! His quote can be found below.
"Okie Dokie...So I this goes out to any British Military Bronies that are here whether you are a Cadet Instructor, Ex or currently serving, I am arranging a Military Bronies Panel for BUCK 2014 (Depending on it's next location) If you are at all interested, Please message me to show you interest and we will have to start planning once things start getting confirmed!"
 For those interested, please hit him up an email at