Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why don't you guys go to meets?

So for you avid readers of Equestria Daily, you might have noticed they recently held a poll on meet-up groups. With my involvement in Manechester and helping run meets for over a year now and for being a massive fan of such events way before the Brony craze even began I though i'd analyse/critique the results of the poll. Check out my thoughts after the break! 

The results are really shocking to see. An incredible 81.37% of people don't attendee meets. This splits into 59.17% people wanting to attendee, but haven't yet and 22.2% of people not even interested!

Now I think meets are by far the best part of the fandom. So it really is bad to see that so many people don't attend. I wonder why?  I assume since the largest amount of replies is for people who'd like to actually go to meet, they must either happen to live in an area that doesn't have meets, unable to get to areas that do or maybe some other circumstances prevent them, such as money or social anxieties.

It is true that most larger meets are held in cities, such as London, Manchester and Leeds. You don't tend to see many big ones in places like Wivenhoe, Rochford or Frinton-on-Sea. So maybe that's an issue for some folk, the cost of travelling and staying in larger cities prevent them from attending meets.

What about the dreaded "no ponies in your area"? Well that's certainly not true! I can guarantee you there'll be some out there. If your local area doesn't already, i'd recommend trying to form a group and run regular gatherings in your local pub or starbucks. (Wetherspoons are great family pubs most of the time, just avoid busy drinking hours). Make a Facebook group and post a thread on the UKoE. Really get it out there and you're sure to find someone. Though don't expect too many, it really is true that the cities are best for meets. My biggest advice is to travel cheap! Megabus is a fantastic intercity service which should let you get to all the big cities for dirt cheap. Also if you don't have one already, look into getting a railcard, they can make rail travel undeniably cheaper.

How about social anxieties? Now this is a big issue, there's tons of ways to beat the cost, many more than I touched on above, but when it comes to getting over social problems there is really only way about it. That is to actually attend! I find it amazing that so many attendees tell me it's because of meets that they have gained confidence and it really did change them for the better. I think the biggest thing is just letting go of your worries, meets are full of friendly people and it's not worth worrying about what others think about you. Meeting people is an amazing thing, for the good and the bad. It's just such an amazing opportunity to gain new experiences that it's not something you should pass up. I've met some of the most fantastic friends thanks to this fandom and meets have been some of the most memorable events i've took part in. Much better than mulling over a screen or sending Hasbro hate mail about wings, so many wings.

As for the 22.2% that aren't interested, you guys need to man up and head to your nearest meet as soon as possible, you are missing out on something amazing. Now maybe i'm looking into this all wrong, maybe the replies would be vastly different if the poll was UK exclusive, but I think it has a good word of truth. So my message is still the same!

What's your thoughts on this? Do you think some just don't really care about meeting others? Are people embarrassed to show their pony love in public? There's the lovely comment section below.

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