Sunday, 6 October 2013

Three years of Bronies - Thirty of Ponies!

It's kind of shocking how quickly time has gone shooting by these past few years. On October 10th 2010 the 4th generation of My Little Pony aired on American Television, little did we know that this was the start of quite the phenomenon. Now three years down the line we've grown into this amazingly huge fandom, with thousands of fans from across the globe. I think we're all really excited for what Season 4 might bring come the end of November, I certainly wish November would get here sooner.

But yes, on to the main topic of this post. Three wonderful years of MLP:FiM, Bronyism and thirty years in total of MLP as a franchise. This sort of mile stone needs a celebration to fit. I hope you guys all have something splendid planned for Thursday, not sure what I'll be doing, but chances are it'll involve watching a few episodes, haven't seen an episode in ages! Whatever you've got planned, we'd love to hear! Comment below or hit that submit button!

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