Sunday, 20 October 2013

Thoughts on Alicorn Fluttershy

Ok, so lets take the bait. Those of you who are aware, the above image has been floating about for a few days now. That and a tweet from M. A. Larson. Now, lets for a second imagine this is legit and season 4 will see Fluttershy becoming an alicorn. I'm surprised I haven't seen more drama revolving around this, maybe people have just accepted it since Twilicorn, but I think we'll likely see quite a bit of drama surface if any more info turns up. Join us after the break for my thoughts on this.

What's my thoughts on this if it's legit? Well I was one of people who liked Twilight becoming an alicorn, I had no issue with her ascending and I really enjoyed Magical Mystery cure. To me it felt like an episode from the first season, oddly enough. However, I am less then happy about Fluttershy becoming an alicorn. It made sense at the end of the day for Twilight to become an alicorn, she's a powerful magic user, she has been involved with the royals since a very young age, her brother is a prince now and she looks cute has hell with wings, not gonna lie. But Fluttershy gaining a horn? It's one thing for a Unicorn to gain the power of flight but for a Pegasi to gain the power of magic? It just doesn't sit well with me, I can't imagine Fluttershy using magic very well, if at all. 

If it's true, chances are the intention of Hasbro is to make the entire mane six alicorns, which is also something I don't agree with in all honesty. Mostly for the same reasons I mentioned above. It's just doesn't really go well I don't think. The mane six are wonderful ponies, with massively in-depth personalties and they are heros after all. But for them all to become alicorn princesses? It doesn't seem like something really well thought through for their characters. I would imagine them turning it down if they were offered the chance. 

So, does this mean we need to tear down the studio, send hate mail to the writing staff's families and leave the fandom? Hell-a no! There is no reason to panic or spread hate and drama. It's not the writing staffs fault in any way. Let me explain, I know you all must know this fact deep under, but many people seem to forget it quickly when there is drama ahead. It's not the writing staffs decision! It's Hasbro's. Hasbro want to sell a certain toy line so they tell the studio to include something in the show. And that's it! Now, is this corporate meddling all that bad? Nope. Remember what makes MLP:FiM great, it's the fact that even though Hasbro are using the show as an advert to sell toys and they do have their demands of the studio, they have always offered a ridiculous amount of creative freedom to the show staff. That's what resulted in this amazing show in the first place. Ok, sure the idea of them all becoming Alicorn Princesses might not be the best in the world beyond the toy line, but it's one that the show staff can and will write well. They haven't failed us yet. I personally hope this doesn't spell the end of generation 4, I mean, them all becoming princesses does sort of sound like something to wrap the entire show up on in my opinion. To anyone who might have suddenly developed a little dread for season 4, I suggest watching the SDCC animatics again, that will bring back the hype.

Anyway, what's your thoughts on this? Would love to hear what you all have to say in the comments below!

Rarity's reaction to the question was priceless to watch just after writing this article!

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