Sunday, 6 October 2013

Summer Sun Celebration Review!

Oh woah, where do I even start. This right here, the wonderful music festival that if it had ended here i'd have still been satisfied with the entire weekend. I think everyone else would agree, this is what set BUCK apart from most other conventions out there. There's not really much words can do to express the experience, not to the full extent, really was something you had to have been there for.

Let's start from the beginning, we were all there in the Moon Under Water after filming in the Waldorf for the National Geographic Documentary. For those familiar with the Manechester Muffin meets, the Moon under water is quite a large venue. We took out the entire upstairs, it was a beautiful moment I think, so many bronies all sat down, cheering, eating and drinking in preparation for the upcoming entertainment. Shockingly enough the staff were still able to serve us within a few minutes of ordering, which I have to say, kudos to them.

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Well, the big moment was upon us, just before seven I ventured back to the hotel to change and prepare for an evening of raving. Then during a light drizzle of rain we lined up in front of the doors to Manchester Central. Around the area there were screens with the lovely Britannia and the summer sun celebration logo. We were lined up for quite a while, but luckily just before it got too much the doors opened and we swarmed inside, getting our bags checked and wrist bands on. I was awfully surprised that they didn't put our wrist bands on for us.. it's near impossible to do that yourself, luckily the venue staff were at hand to help out! In the hallway there were a few stands selling the odd bit of merchandise, i'm surprised I didn't checked them out to be honest, though they were pretty crowded at the time. I forgot to pick up the album that was on sale, which i'm pretty disappointed about, hopefully the music will make it's way online at some point.

Into the actual concert hall we went, it was really dark but lots of people were moving around, it was amazing to see the building so empty, as I was used to it being chock full of stalls at comic con. At closest to the entrance there was a fenced off seating area with tables and a bar then all the way on the other side of the hall was the stage. There was an excitement in the air as the murmur of bronies eagerly awaited the start.
Then onto the stage stood two familiar faces, Edd and Jimmy of Acoustic Brony. Perfect way to start I have to say.

Creber came out and the crowd went wild, though no one had any idea what she was singing.

Then the guy we were all waiting for, Tombstone! He walked briskly one stage, flung his arms into the air then hit the computer, starting with the first 3 seconds of his remix of Eurobeat's Discord. He then proceeded to turn it off and carry the laptop off stage, waving us all goodbye. The crowd erupted into laughter as he came back, placing the laptop back down and saying hello. Then the party really started, he started for reals with some amazing tracks. The guy really knows how to entertain a crowd, with his infamous spaghetti dance, we were all moving to the beat! Lost on the Moon was by far the best act, the singer was actually there, I wasn't expecting that at all. I think a lot of us would have been happy enough with just the recording, bur damn, it was so much better in person, her voice is powerful! Of course Tombstone ended with Discord.

As almost equally as anticipated as Tombstone, Glaze came onto the stage with a cheer. Now for anyone who has ever met Glaze, knows he's not the most talkative pony out there, but I have to say, he certainly is one of the most entertaining. Along side his Girlfriend (omg OTP!!!)

Then we had the Metal band, ClutterviX! Very nice change from the usual dubs and wubs of brony music, being a huge fan of metal myself I quite enjoyed. The pair along with Madison on the bass were a great hit!

There was some other musicians afterwards as well, all pretty damn epic.

Now, we were all knackered after all the jumping, raving, shouting and dancing, was the perfect start to the convention, though I knew i'd have to be living off of energy drinks during the rest of the weekend to survive!

I really wish I had taken a few more photographs myself, but the professional ones are breath taking, find the rest of the official SSC photographs here on their FB page.

Overall enjoyment: 10/10 - Seriously, if I had died during the night, BUCK would still have got a good review thanks to the SSC!
Food and Snacks: 4/10 - Whisky's didn't come with mixers and you got like half a shot!
Quality of Equipment: 9/10 - Everything seem to go down without a hitch.
Venue: 10/10 - Manchester Central proved to be a great location, staff were nice as well.

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