Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nightmare Night Banner contest!

It's almost everyone's favourite holiday and to celebrate we're hosting a contest to get people into the spin of things! Now, the site's looking a little dim I think, what it needs is a new banner, one fit for the season. So artists get your pencils at the ready! All entries will be taken into consideration and the winner will be chosen by a few admins. What's up for grabs as a prize? Yes, we actually have a prize sorted out for this one! The winner will receive a £10 Amazon gift e-voucher to spend on anything from Amazon, be it Pony merch, books, music or whatever. Depending on the response to this contest we might add more prizes.

Submit all entries to or PM me on the UKoE.
Make sure to add "Bronies UK Halloween Contest" as the subject line. I will reply to all emails within 24 hours, if I haven't, please re-submit.

The deadline is Wednesday October 30th!

  • Dimensions must be within the limits of 1000 x  335 pixels.
  • Obviously no nudity, gore, ect.
  • Must render to a decent file size, can't be having a 22MB image on the top of the site!
  • Preferably include the name "Bronies UK" somewhere in the banner.
For references of our Mascot, Albion, check out this album. You don't have to include our mascot, but it might be pretty cool if you do! 

Good Luck everyone!

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