Monday, 16 September 2013

Sorry for the delay + Little bit of News!

Sweet Celestia! It's been almost two weeks since my last post. Honestly, i've been burnt out since BUCK, I swear, that mixed with being dead busy sorting through countless amounts of old belongings and sorting my new bedroom out, it's been extremely time consuming.

I have been working on the review for the Summer Sun Celebration, it pretty much was finished on day one but then I got side tracked with what I explained above. That'll be up before the end of the week I can assure you, though I'm not sure what i'll do about my BUCK review, I might try and sum it up quicker in a video response, we'll have to see. 

Other little bits of news include:-

I've recently opened a Pokémon Group for Bronies, since X & Y are coming out real soon, if you're interested join here.

I'm planning on updating the side bar a little more and possibly the navigation bar. As of now you'll find the new Up Coming Meets list in the side bar, it's pretty simple at the moment, will see about updating it further soon.

The anniversary of the first ever meet I held, the Manechester "Mini" Meet, will be taking place this weekend on the 21st, hope to see you all there! Time to celebrate in style!

We're set on bringing back Bronies UK Gamer Nights, some of you might have joined them back in the day along with Harby. This time around we're planning on hosting a Garry's Mod night, stay tuned for dates!

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