Thursday, 29 August 2013

Why BUCK Why.. I don't want to wait another year!

So BUCK is over, it's been a hell of a weekend. I honestly cannot express how much I enjoyed the entire event, from the pre-meets to the Summer Sun Celebration to the actual con it's self!
Apologies for not getting much out this week, been quite busy recovering from BUCK (and getting rid of Windows 8 on my new laptop..).

Anyway, sadly I'll be without that laptop until Sunday, no I didn't break it, i'll be visiting family in London, and of course attending the Party in the Park tomorrow! So I hope to see lots of you guys there! Seriously, need more pony, post convention depression and all isn't good!

Don't threat though i'll be working on some form of review of BUCK and the Summer Sun eventually. Got my iPad so maybe i'll try and bash something out on that.. though typing on a touch screen just can't compare to a keyboard!

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