Friday, 23 August 2013

Muffin Meet and Pre-meet going well!

So, the Thursday Muffin meet was truly amazing, the numbers kept going up and down but we were around 45-50 at the height. Taking over the Moon Under water wetherspoons was amazing experience, all the tables at the back upstairs were just surrounded by bronies. The staff were kinda out of their depth but we all managed to get fed and merry. Many awesome bronies were there, especially awesome seeing our European friends, such as the French bronies, Norwegian and of course the Czechoslovakian bronies, including the guy dressed as Zecora who saved the Galacon closing ceremony!

Now it's the actual Pre-Meet, we descended on Star Bucks again, the Czech's brought out My Little Karaoke.. it's quite amazing!

Anyway, soon we're be heading to the Waldorf for the meet and filming with National Geographic! Or back to the Moon under water for the camera shy lot!

Oh! And the summer sun celebration at 7pm, Manchester Central! 

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