Thursday, 8 August 2013

Glitter Funko Ponies from Mareplay!

The quality of funko figures is just breathtaking I have to admit. When I held a few at MCM Manchester I was happily surprised! With that, Mareplay is currently taking orders for the glitter Derpy and Rainbow Dash's seen at SDCC. Quite an awesome deal for the pair, don't pass up with opportunity!

Quote from Bunny after the break!
I have 6 sets of the Funko Derpy/Rainbow Dash SDCC Glitter variants on hold with a supplier. These are £80 for a set of both Postage will be an additional £5.65. I have to place the order TODAY. These are a lot cheaper than Ebay and I will not get this offer again. You can only purchase them as a set of 2. They are due within around 2 weeks from the order.
Only 1 set will be available at BUCK for the same price.
Please share this around to those you think may be after a set.
~ Bunny ♥
Click here to go to Mareplay's Online store!

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