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Galacon Review Part 3

Maybe I should try and wrap this review up some point before BUCK starts! Last day for Galacon, though we did have the Monday and most of Tuesday in Germany, which was quite the adventure. Now I wasn't expecting this, but we ended up waking up earlier on the Sunday then we did the Saturday. Seemed weird to me, but we had important business to take care of! The first event of the second day was the signing session for the American voice actors. Andrea and Peter readied their pens for the hoards of people lining up outside to get their signatures. A friend of mine is a massive fan of Big Macintosh and since Peter New was really talkative they ended up chatting for ages.

As per usual! Rest of the review is after the break!

It was nice to see that the vendors were well stocked, though some of the really special items were all gone there was still a wonderful selection.

The first proper event of the day started, the EU Voice acting panel! With German Discord, French Rarity and Swedish Spitfire. German Discord, once again lived up to his name and spoke purely in an incredibly thick and fast German accent. Now, though we didn't really know what he was saying, he was apparently really hilarious since the hall couldn't stop erupting with laughter. Now, it wasn't only me who noticed this but his entire personality, body movements and just general way he was, he reminded me so much of John De Lancie, it was as if it really was him. I think during the casting of Discord they just said "ok, lets find German John De Lancie, and we'll be good". He was even on Star Trek, as the German dub on Data. He did talk about Star Trek quite a bit during the Q&A. Swedish Spitfire is also confirmed as best Fluttershy impersonator, cuteness levels: off the charts. Overall, I really enjoyed meeting these voice actors, they had smashing personalities that kept us all laughing.

Source: Ponyville Live

We went back to the main hall for the biggest event of the convention, JanAnimations' Panel and damn it was awesome. Button's Adventure was Premiered at Galacon, before it was even uploaded to YouTube. He might have the most annoying (yet amazing) voice in the world but damn did he cause some laughs. What I loved about Button's Adventure was how the animation style matched the shows but at the same time you could tell it had it's own style as well. Also, do I even have to mention, his mum.. I should have predicted how much of a hit she'd be with the fandom, its those eyes I swear. Besides the premier we also had a video explaining how we've got to read video descriptions before asking questions, because people are silly.


One event i'd have loved to have gone to, but sadly missed since it was on at the same time as the JanAnimations panel, was the Mind of Canni panel. From what my friends told me it was actually really interesting. The panel took a deeper look into everyone's favorite convention mascot and even had her writer and voice actor there to answer questions.

Lottery time, I really really regret not entering the lottery. There were tons of prizes up for grabs with all the proceeds going to the Bronys For Good charity fund.

Since we had been in the main hall for quite a while today and were set for the last few hours of the convention to be in there a few of us ventured into Pony Time and watched Equestria Girls in German. German Sunset Shimmer in her daemon form.. damn that was amazing.

Then the auction happened. Three hours of sitting down watching Swiss bronies pay ridiculous amounts of money for some pretty neat items to raise money for charity. It was quite the event, definitely lasted a little too long but it was worth it just to see Peter New in a bra... Yeah, it happened... he randomly came on stage then offered a hug from himself as an auction item, to push the price up someone threw a bra on stage and various other items such as a horn and wings, making him Princess Big Macintosh.. with a bra. He then ran around the hall. Oh and a bottle of Fanta sold for like €75 and an apple signed by Peter sold for about €80. I guess it's ok since it's for charity, total amount raised being €11,632, which is incredible!

One item I couldn't forget, among all the awesome there was something that really stood out to me. This was a 3D printed Pinkie Pie. Why was this special? It was smaller than a 1 euro cent coin. To really grasp the size of this, 1 euro cent is smaller than a 5p coin.

After a short break the closing ceremony started! It was sad really to see the convention come to the end, but I guess it had to at some point else we'd all have ran out of money, though maybe not those Swiss bronies! All the quests came on stage to say their goodbyes, with a thank you from the staff the con had ended. But not before a few prizes were given out, such as the prizes for the cosplay contest. The winner being an awesome Queen Chrysalis cosplay.

As with the last two nights previous we ventured back out to find our lovely German pub.
Sadly it was closed by the owners who had suddenly gone on holiday to escape us! So we ended up going to an Irish pub instead. Which was pretty decent but they seemed to serve everything warm, rather than the lovely chilled we had the night before. Still, had a grand time.

Oh by the way, we made the local news paper! And someone could swear we heard MLP mentioned on the radio Monday night.

Now, sadly that was it, Galacon was over, we had all had a wonderful time but sadly it was time to go home.. Narr, we still have all of Monday and a ton of Tuesday to do German stuff! Such as wonder around Stuttgart, go to a beer garden, order eat currywurst, hunt for pony toys, get 20-30 cents back for bottles, go to a beer garden, go to a restaurant and order a keg, try and find WiFi access, go to the Porsche museum, ride trains, wonder around at night telling creepypastas, eat more continental breakfast, take photos, eat sauerkraut and probably a whole lot of other things that'll come to me when I hit publish.

What's my overall ratings of Galacon?

Vendors: Pricey but had a good variety and some real special items 
Panels and Guests: Hilarious! Peter New is my new hero Drinks and Food: Venue had a nice selection, currywurst and noodles, shame about no alcohol! 
Organisation: Everything went down without a hitch! Staff were wonderful! Other Entertainment: There was always something going on! 

Do I recommend Galacon 2014? Yes, highly suggest attending. If not for the brilliant convention, at least to experience Germany. Will I be there next year? I would certainly hope so!

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