Saturday, 10 August 2013

Galacon Review Part 2

We haven't event got to the opening ceremony yet and it's already Part Two! This is insane! Without any further adieu! At 11am the doors opened to the Main Hall, where we all took our seats for the opening ceremony. Perry came on stage and welcomed us to the Galacon. They then played videos detailing the community and show guests that were going to be appearing during the convention. We got to know all about the voice actors and what other roles they have played. They all then came on stage, which was was quite a surprise. Check after the break for the video and more!

Source: Ponyville Live

After a 15 minute break the first events of the day were starting. The Game Presentation, the Fursuit Workshop and the EU Voice Actors Signing session. I went to the signing session, Swedish Spitfire, German Discord and French Rarity were all amazing people, I really should have chatted with them more. I sort of, slapped my trading cards down, got them signed then wondered away. German Discord, really did act his character! Where as the others all signed with a black marker, his pen wasn't permanent and almost vanished! I'll talk more about the EU voice actors when I write up their panel section.

Next up we were back in the Main Hall for the American Voice Acting Panel. Peter New and Andrea Libman had flown over from the states just to chill with us Bronies. Peter New, the VA of Big Macintosh, though he only has one line in the show he was the biggest personality during the convention. The amount of memorable moments he created during the panel were outstanding. Andrea was a little more reserved but she was still wonderful and entertaining. The panels were Q&A's, where Bronies would line up, have their question screened by the convention staff then if it's approved they got to ask the VAs. They had some wonderful questions, a few times I thought we had doubles but both Peter and Andrea still managed to give very interesting and interesting answers. 

                                                                                                                                                                                          Source: Ponyville Live

After this we then had a bit of a wonder around the convention, lots of stuff was happening. Such as the cosplay contest, Putuk's Stuff, My Little Karaoke and a panel on virtual reality ponies. Though I didn't go on it myself, My Little Karaoke looks so well designed. I highly suggest downloading the software from their website. It was wonderful to see it in action at such an event. Shame I didn't catch virtual reality ponies, not sure if this was just a look into augmented reality or if it was sort of a deep analysis of the idea of an actual virtual world with ponies. As for Putuk, he appeared during the charity auction on the Sunday and he was quite hilarious and wore a crazy hat, I can only wonder what Putuk's stuff was all about!

We then ventured out for food. We found a pretty decent takeaway that sold Italian style pizza and kebabs.

Then we headed back to the Main Hall for John Joseco's panel. He truly is one of the best artists in the fandom, whilst he was answering questions there was a slideshow of his work (minus one ask blog ;p). He seemed to have a little bit of stage fright but this didn't stop him from answering some tough questions. It was nice to see his first pony drawing as well, it was still a billion times better than anything i've ever drawn but it really did prove that practice makes perfect.

After another quick look around most of us headed back to the hotel to change into our Gala wear. It really was lovely having a chance to dress fancy in shirts, ties and jackets. Like prom, but not rubbish and there were more ponies. The Gala started with slow music, the couples all went up to dance, leaving the other 95% of us to stand and watch without alcohol... but after a few hours the party started with Acoustic Brony playing live. This was actually quite sentimental for me, since the first ever brony meet I went to, ages ago back at The Star near Kings Cross, they played and it was beautiful. I was told through the grape vine, because of the acoustics in the hall, they asked to have their performance recorded and are planning on releasing it as an album or uploading it to YouTube! So that might be something cool to look forward to. Then the disco started, everyone went sick, it was awesome. The DJ's played an amazing set, we all just danced for hours. There was massive conga and at one point I recall seeing a bunch of people doing the dance Twilight does in Equestria Girls.

As I think I mentioned in Part 1, German summer is warm! We were all melting by the end thanks to all the dancing. We sped back to the hotel to get changed, showered then out again to the lovely German pub we had been in the night previous. We had few lovely chilled German beers, retold the tales of the day and laughed long into the night.

Saturday was a brilliant start to the convention. We all enjoyed our selves a ton and though we were shattered we were all quite eager for the next day! Part three, coming to a cinema near you soon!

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