Thursday, 8 August 2013

Galacon Review Part 1

Over twenty of us Brits went to Galacon. About Half Split between Heathrow and Manchester Airports, with about three people travelling by Eurostar. I'll skip most of our trip since it's not really related to Ponies, but as a quick note, Germanwings airlines is probably one of the best i've ever travelled with, was such nice flight, the plane was really comfy as well. I highly recommend them. You guys should make them an OC like that other airline! Anyway besides me defeating the Elite Four, N and Ghetsis during that flight there isn't much more for me to say.

So, we touched down in Germany and bam, the heat touched us. First thing we noticed really was climate. It was warm, very very warm but nice. Unlike the UK Summer, the air was really clear and there was hardly any humidity. It was dark at this time so we didn't get to see the light, or Germany in fact until the next day! But as all good tourists after checking in our hotel we went straight back out to the local German pub for a taste of their beer. 

We awoke early on the Saturday, went down for our continental breakfast and was served tea by an elderly German woman who spoke little English. After our meat we ventured across the road to the S-Bahn. One thing we noticed in Germany is they seem to trust people a lot more than in the UK. Throughout our whole trip we never came across a ticket conductor, or even a member of rail staff other than the train drivers and some engineers. We still bought our tickets, obviously, but it was nice I think, to know that someone trusts us.

During our train journey we came across several French bronies who were pretty cool. Onwards one stop into Ludwigsburg then a quick walk up the road and we were outside the Forum am Schlosspark, where Galacon was taking place. One awesome thing, there was no line we just went straight to the desk and got our con badges, might be because were were late, but still, the efficiently was wonderful. We also got our con books as well, with tons of information and the timetable for what was happening.

Source: Ivor Schandor

First things firsts, before the opening ceremony we got to look around the vendor tables! And damn were there lots of vendors. A whopping 39 vendor stalls! The first stall I came across had custom models, including a beautifully made Snowdrop with cape and all. Next were 3D printed models, damn 3D printed models were popular item at Galacon, there were loads! Many stalls sold plushies, some quite wonderful ones. I remember seeing baby pony plushies with dummies in their mouths, really quite adorable. Wood burnt plaques, ponfied door mats, towels, posters, glass etches and even anime merch. There was huge bead ponies mosaics, official merch, series two Enterplay cards, DVD and blurays and a whole lot more. I really wish I had purchased more, I bought the Season one Blu Ray (yes it's in German, but they assured me it has the English voice setting included!) and a few packs of the trading cards. Which were a really good price by the way, around €1.60 per pack. Sadly though most other items were incredibly expensive, I can't blame the vendors but personally I'd rather commission people I know for plushies and custom models.



So yeah, as you might have noticed I've opted for the "huge wall of text" method of chronically the events of Galacon. So, apologies and if tl;dr: it was awesome, everyone should go next year! Part two, coming soon!

Here's the UKoE feedback thread by the way! Should be lots of pictures and videos in there. I don't think the Manchester lot have uploaded any yet, but good things come to those who wait.

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