Monday, 19 August 2013

BUCK is this weekend!

I honestly have no idea how it came about so quickly, it just sort of happened! BUCK is taking place this weekend, starting with the Summer Sun Celebration festival on Friday at 7pm. Are you excited? Because i'm excited!

You should have noticed, unless you're a purely mobile internet user, i've updated the site a little in preparation for the convention! Now, not only will i'll be busy enjoying myself, i'll be working hard with the others on the Manechester team to make sure our three fringe events go down without a hitch! 
We have the Early Arrivals meet on the Thursday, the Iron Will Pre-Meet on the Friday and the After convention breakfast on the Monday! For more info check out the links in this UKoE thread or on the events list on the Manechester Facebook page.

Now during the Iron Will Pre-Meet we'll be joined by National Geographic at 3pm in the Waldorf, don't worry if you don't want to be filmed, we have that covered! A big announcement from Nat Geo will be posted on the FB event page before Friday.

I'll also be covering the convention in a journalistic sense (maybe I should have applied for a press pass haha). During the convention i'll post lots of tweets and maybe even a few pictures. On a night i'll see about making updates on here since i'll have my laptop and an Internet connection, unlike at Galacon. Though you can expect those updates to pretty late at night because obviously, BUCK is never ending party!

Resources for BUCK (Check back here, I might update with more!)

  • BUCK's Live website: Links to Live streams and I believe will act as a live blog giving tons of updates during the day
Now there was one post I was planning on getting out before the convention and that was a look into the vendors! Sadly tons of stuff came up and I've not been able to work on that one, but don't worry, we've still got a few days! I'll get something about vendors out before Saturday I promise!

Cya all at BUCK!

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