Thursday, 11 July 2013

You know you're a brony when

1. Colourful badges cover more than 68% of your body!

Ok, I think this was a serious side effect of us Brits not getting much merch until this year. I remember back in the day at MCM the one piece of Pony merch you'd find would be badges. Hundreds and hundreds of pony badges, some just with cutiemarks and even some with full ponies on. Some of the best i've seen would have to be the metal pins from PinFilly. Totally making an order soon! Didn't know they were so cheap.

For the rest of the list hit the link below!

2. Suddenly have a serious love of dubstep.

Dubstep for some is the scorn of music (Justin's like quad-scorn then I suppose) however the brony thing sort of brought forward a new era and style. The musical talent of this fandom opened people's eye's (ears?) on the genre, it's not all just noise and if given thought it can be rather joyful for many. I think with careful consideration, skill and well written lyrics the brony music scene has created a whole new class of dubstep and electronic music.

3. Pony Pony Pony all over.

Everything was plain and boring but then suddenly out of nowhere BAM! your computer, your phone, your car and your dog, everything in your life has been ponyfied. Your Facebook is now Ponyhoof, your backgrounds are Trixie doing the limbo with Gilda. You know those tattoo you get with the trading cards? They are perfect for sprucing up any boring old note book or laptop lid. They last a while and look awesome.

4. New words in your vocabulary!

If the word brony wasn't enough we have a whole lot of others. Somepony, everypony, ponypony, eeyup.
Not to mention real words that have always been about, but thanks to the show seem to be popping up everywhere. Ok, I do feel a little stupid to admit this, but I didn't know of the word Equine before the show. Maybe I had heard it in passing before but it was never a word I had really personally used until now.

5. Sudden obsession with the night and day.

I know this one sounds a little strange but hear me out, I swear this is now a thing. Ever since the start of the fandom I've seen more and more people talk about the night and day. Like it's a big spiritual thing where some people follow the day where as others follow the night, some embracing both. Myself, always been a lover of the night, probably why I stay up till the wee hours of the morning. Where as during the summer the sun is a bit overbearing I think!

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