Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What not to miss in August!

Might as well change the name of August to Pony month or something. (10 bits to whoever makes a good August Pony pun..) But yes, we've got so much happening in the terms of conventions and gatherings this month it's going to a blast!

Check below for all the epic dates to add to your dairy of what not to miss in August!

This weekend (August 3rd - 4th) we have Galacon in Germany, which I'll be attending and will make sure to keep you all updated!

The weekend after (August 10th and 11th) Equestria Girls is showing in several Showcase Cinemas! Many people are heading out in groups or attending meets to celebrate.

Then two weeks later BUCK is happening! With the Summer Sun Celebration on Friday the 23rd and the actual convention on the Saturday and Sunday, 24th - 25th, that's one epic long weekend! Oh, and don't forget Manechester are putting on several Fringe events during that time. We have a special Muffin Meet on the Thursday, Pre-SSC meet on the Friday then the After Convention Breakfast on  Monday the 26th.

Then the following week there is a meet full weekend meet up in Leeds planned (31st - 1st) and the last Party In the Park of the Year on Friday 30th.

Not to mention the American conventions as well, which will probably end up providing some pretty epic panel recordings to watch in the next few weeks!

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