Friday, 26 July 2013

New pony toys announced at SDCC!

During SDCC a ton of new toys were announced, including a few marked as "adult toys". Dirty jokes aside, these models are on the more expensive side, of very high quality and even have gem stones encrusted into them. What's your thoughts on this? Would you pay extra for a toy just because of some gems? They're certainly awesome looking. Funny thing as well, some stores are listing Vinyl Scratch as a male.. so.. yeah, changes everyone's head-canons!

If you're interested here's a few pictures of other items found there!

This is seriously one of my favourite sets announced.. not only does it include the Royal couple and and Derpy, it includes Queen Chrysalis   

A few other notable mentions include:-
  • Sun Set Shimmer IDW Comic
  • Big Nightmare Moon
  • Plushies
  • Rainbow Dash in Shadow Bolt outfit
  • The 'deluxe' mini collectable sets, one including the Cake's family the other including NMM and everyone's favourite camp sea serpent, Steven Magnet! 
There's plenty of other toys coming our way soon! Might take a while for us to get hole of these ones, though I do know Mareplay will always be your best bet! Shame those Toys R Us exclusives are hard to get in the UK!

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