Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What not to miss in August!

Might as well change the name of August to Pony month or something. (10 bits to whoever makes a good August Pony pun..) But yes, we've got so much happening in the terms of conventions and gatherings this month it's going to a blast!

Check below for all the epic dates to add to your dairy of what not to miss in August!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Bead Ponies Galore!

For those who have attended Manechester meets you might know of the mysterious Bead Ponies! Created by a fellow named Kyle, these adorable hama bead ponies are a lovely item to pick up. He'll be vending on the Sunday at UK PonyCon in Wales.

For custom ponies and coasters he charges just £5
Get in touch with him via email at
Check out his online store here and his tumblr here.

Also, on a side note, leading up to BUCK i'll be writing an article showcasing as many of the BUCK vendors as possible! So keep a look out!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Possible new blind bags!

Not sure how legit these are, they do look custom painted, but are pretty darn awesome at that. Rainbow Cadance and Dr. Whooves in socks? Can't argue with that. I've always loved the blind bags the most, expect that poor Fluttershy had to share a mould with Rainbow Dash. But yeah,. the blind bags, though overly recoloured are awesome little toys. Some of the best uses of them i've seen are being made into jewellery, such as necklaces and key chains. Other cool uses include and are not limited to, Christmas tree ornaments, computer desk ornaments, projectile weapons and a tasty snack if you're lost in the Sahara desert.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and MLP:FiM all on the same day!

Ok, not exactly news since I posted the release date earlier and we've all known the Dr. Who date for months now. But I hadn't realised until my friend pointed it out earlier! That Saturday is going to be amazing!
Hope, as the rumours say, Dr. Who will be shown in Cinemas! Or maybe we'll end up watching both at the London Pub meet! We'll have to wait and see! All I know, is we're going to enjoy both for sure!

New pony toys announced at SDCC!

During SDCC a ton of new toys were announced, including a few marked as "adult toys". Dirty jokes aside, these models are on the more expensive side, of very high quality and even have gem stones encrusted into them. What's your thoughts on this? Would you pay extra for a toy just because of some gems? They're certainly awesome looking. Funny thing as well, some stores are listing Vinyl Scratch as a male.. so.. yeah, changes everyone's head-canons!

If you're interested here's a few pictures of other items found there!

A week until Galacon!

Well, in just a weeks time a bunch of us will be leaving the UK and travelling to Germany! No no, it's not just for the chocolate and ale. It's for the one and only Galacon! With a ton of show guests, both from America and Europe and some truly amazing community guests, Galacon is set to be brilliant. We'll be suiting up in formal dress for the evening Gala, which'll be good since i've missed wearing suits during this crazy summer heat.

I'll try my hardest to cover the convention in it's fullest! I'm not sure what the Internet situation is going to be like, hopefully the hotel will have a cheap enough connection! If not, expect an update during the following Wednesday!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Season 4 Date Announced!!!

I knew it wouldn't be December! Though, it's still a little later than we're used to. Saturday November 23rd! Here's the announcement straight from the Hub's Facebook page! There's already talks of a grand London Pub meet at The Horse! Here's the UKoE proposed thread! Lets hope everyone puts on a good party. The clips from SDCC showed us we definetly have a good season in line for us! Can't wait!

Mareplay Clear Out Summer Sale!

I think these deals might be better than the Steam Summer sales! Don't believe me? Check out the latest announcement from Mareplay after the break! Not only can you save up to a whopping 50% on some products, there's free cards up for grabs and a price draw with some pretty wonderful prizes.

Find the online store here!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Manchester MCM Comic Con was grand!

As I expected I enjoyed the afterparty so much more than the actual convention. But the con it's self wasn't bad! Ton more ittle bitty pony plushies this year, so they didn't sell out as quick as last. A bunch of craziness happened, that is for sure, I think everyone completely enjoyed themselves.

Whilst we were at Manchester Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con was happening. As I hope you've all ready seen there has been a crazy amount of Pony news come from the con! Including Season 4 Animatic clips! We watched them after MCM in the Waldorf, we were all quite excited with the last part! Bring on Season 4!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Update on Equestria Girls UK cinema release!

As mentioned in my previous post Equestia Girls is set to be shown in Showcase Cinemas on the 10th and 11th August. Well, good news for those who might have been unable to go (heck, the fact the Nottingham's train station is going to be closed over that weekend for maintaince wasn't going to help very much!) a ton of new locations have just been added! Including Leeds.

Check out the updated UKoE thread for more information and info on the Leeds meet.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The spread of a phenomenon

How did all of this happen anyway? I mean, honestly, did anyone expect this? Generally most people answer "no idea" and "no" respectfully to both those questions. I think i'll have to go with everyone else on the second one, but the first, well I can give explaining it a shot can't I? Ok, ok, everyone can accept that this fandom happened because of the come together of a group of amazing and creative people, headed by the one and only Lauren Faust. I guess that's it really, could just end the article here and call it a day! Well, I'm not going to do that, since that would be incredibly boring. Hit up after the break, to see why such an interesting phenomenon came to be!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Manechester MCM Comic Con this weekend!

The much anticipated MCM Comic Con will be back in Manchester this Saturday and us lot at Manechester have a few things planned for you bronies!

On the Saturday during the convention we will be meeting at 1pm outside at the steps of the convention centre. We'll hang about, chat and chill until 2pm when everyone can head back into the con! Then at 5:30 til 6pm we'll be meeting at the same place to head off to the upstairs of the Waldorf, that has been privately hired out! There will be a £1 charge for entry. The party will last until midnight!

Then, on the Sunday there'll be a special Muffin Meet, meet at Picadilly Station's Star Bucks between 1pm and 2.

Check out the Facebook event page or the UKoE thread for discussion and more info!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Equestria Girls in UK Cinema!

So, contrary to what news a lot of us had heard, we are in fact getting Equestria Girls in the cinema! Be it only Showcase cinemas and only in Nottingham and Leicester for one weekend. To mark this occasion we are holding a meet in Nottingham for the Saturday showing, on the 10th August.

Nottingham Meet: UKoE Details thread

Thursday, 11 July 2013

You know you're a brony when

1. Colourful badges cover more than 68% of your body!

Ok, I think this was a serious side effect of us Brits not getting much merch until this year. I remember back in the day at MCM the one piece of Pony merch you'd find would be badges. Hundreds and hundreds of pony badges, some just with cutiemarks and even some with full ponies on. Some of the best i've seen would have to be the metal pins from PinFilly. Totally making an order soon! Didn't know they were so cheap.

For the rest of the list hit the link below!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Crystal Fair Competition - Ponify Finland!

So for those of you who don't know Finland are holding a convention next year called the Crystal Fair. They're holding a competition since the convention is in a years time. Your job is to Ponify Finland. There are three parts to this competition all lasting three months each. The first being the Digital art challenge, after three months, on the 4th October the next challenge will be announced! Winners will receive a t-shirt and their artwork will be sold in the charity auction at the convention.

For more information about the contest please visit their Deviant Art page!