Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Weekly Roundup 1

This is our first ever roundup of sorts. This has been sitting blank in the drafts section for weeks now. For a quick sort of insight into what you can expect from these, I intend to explore things that EQD may have missed or to show them from a different prospective. At the end of the day I don't want to report on news that you'll see else where. I'll only briefly go into common news and focus as best as possible on the strange and wonderful!

So here goes!

Lauren Faust is legend
So after a few tweets from Faust the other night we quickly realised she was quite annoyed with the prototype toy line for Equestria Girls dolls. She even went over to /mlp/ to answer a few questions! Check out EQD to have a gander! The guys over on /mlp/ decided to do a thank you and drew her tons of little 200x200 pictures that were then pieced together to make a rather wonderful mosaic. 

MCM London Comic Con
Ahh man! Another MCM has came to an end and what a weekend it has been. Was pretty gutted to have missed the brony meet on the Saturday but I was quite pleased to see many new faces about the place. So many incredible things happened over the weekend it would be near impossible for me to chronicle them all here. For those who are MCM regulars you might have noticed it was even more packed than usual! It indeed was, with over 75,000 attendees across the weekend, records have been broken!

I'll probably not keep to doing many weekly roundups unless I can really get the ball rolling with them...  i'd prefer to report on various news that might arise, rather than try and force something out weekly.

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