Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Equestria Girls Review [Spoilers]

It's been over a week now since Equestria Girls hit the big screens and we've all been patiently waiting for our American counterparts to metal gear their way into a cinema and record without getting punched by a soccer mum. For those of you wondering if we're getting an official release here in the UK, we're definitely not, Hasbro has confirmed this.

After running around the house trying to find snacks and being disappointed because we only had a ridiculous amount of oranges in, I sat down and began watching. For those who don't want any spoilers don't join us after the break!

So to run down the basic story. Princess Celestia's old student Sunset Shimmer who had became disgruntled and left Equestria returns from the human world with the intention to steal Twilight's crown. Twilight pursues her and finds herself transformed into a human. Quickly Twilight realises that this new world is very different to her own and she finds it pretty difficult to fit in. Twilight finds out from Principle Celestia that if she is to get her crown back she has to become Princess of the Fall Formal.

Then it's pretty much all about her meeting her friend's human counterparts. Something isn't quite right however, they don't seem to be very friendly with each other and to make things either stranger during Twilight's research in the library she finds an old year book with a picture of the five from the freshmen year all enjoying each other's company. Turns out Shimmer had been up to no good and tricked them all into falling out. After a quick football match between Twilight and Rainbow Dash they'll all friends again.

So onwards they go, singing and dancing to get the school to vote for Twilight. Shimmer tries to foil their plans but she is bested by Twilight who takes the crown.

Shimmer's plan is then revealed in classic villain monologue style. She intends to return to Equestria and rage war against the ponies using the students from Cantalot High as her army. I have to say, her plan was pretty damn wicked! After a scuffle she takes the crown and transforms into a harpy daemon chick. I'd say Succubus but that'd just get too many neck-beards flustered and over excited.

I guess my only complaint with this film was yet again the method of defeating the villain. Once again it was the magical power of Twilight's speeches and the elements of harmony shooting rainbows to vanquish the foe. Not that they had any other choice and the transformation scenes were pretty epic at least!

But yes, the story was really quite interesting, it took the high school setting and mixed it in with the fantasy story telling that we're used to with MLP. It proved to be a combination done really well.

The pony scenes were really nice and cinematic. Luna's Speech hell yes! 

Spike as a dog.. absolutely adorable. This was one of the biggest complaints I had heard back when the trailer was released. But he was so cute as a pup and really had some humorous moments.

Obviously it wouldn't be MLP without songs! There were plenty. I admit the songs were a little more.. High School Musical than what we're used to, but that certainly wasn't a bad thing. The edited opening almost reminded me of Brony music, it was like an electronic remix of the actual theme, I wouldn't go as far as to calling it dubstep though.

There were a ton of call backs to previous episodes. Twilight meeting her friend's human counterparts were all based on the very first episode. On top of that there was loads of little scenes such as Spike with his tashes and the song the CMC sang back in season one.

The Great and Powerful, TRIXIE! Want's some peanut crackers...! Also, twilight's face at this scene, she's like "Oh dear sweet Celestia, get me out of here".

Oh! And something I'd like to point out, this film is full of thoughtful animation. I mean, at this scene Twlight's not going to kick the vending machine, but instead she's going to "buck" it. The films full of this, Twilight might get the hang of walking pretty quickly but she definitely keeps slipping back to pony from time to time.

So, what's my verdict? Loved it! Highly suggest this to anyone. I'd give it an out of ten or star rating but to be honest I'd just end up giving it the typical four stars as most things can always be improved! What you waiting for, go watch it now!

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