Thursday, 16 May 2013

Response to the fandom's negativity

I didn't really want to write about this.. nor am I even really compelled to do so either. I just felt it might be of some interest for some people, or at least something to keep me entertained during this train journey I have found myself on. Now, you all obviously must know by now that the Equestria Girls trailer has been released, if not, here it is again.

My opinions on this? As suggested in my previous post about EqG, I loved it. Looking just slightly deeper than what the trailer gives you there is definitely a pretty good overall story for the movie that relates to the show canon and mythology.

Aside from the actual movie its self, there is much to talk about concerning the fandom's reaction to all of this. What do I see? A pattern. There has been this really silly pattern that occurs every single time drama happens, be it derpygate, Faust leaving the show or Twilight gaining feathers.
Something happens, people complain, people say people are complaining and people complain to the show staff. I know we might be a nation of complainers, but seriously? Ok, to be fair the UK and European communities have been pretty decent about all of this, from what I have seen. One specific point within the pattern is how people seem to think there is a huge issue when really it's not nearly as big as they are making it out to be. Which in turn makes it so much worse. At the end of the day it's mostly been people saying one of three things "EqG's trailer looks better than I had thought, I'm gonna give it a go!", "Definitely staying away from this, but I'm not all that fussed" and lastly there is "OMG kill it with fire and you're all idiots for supporting it".

Now the whole complaining to show staff? Yes, twitter was probably on fire at some point, and yes I accept and agree that being overly critical to the show staff is rather uncalled for. But at the same time i've always hated what the other half of the fandom decide to do. So, a small percent decide to be dicks to the show staff? Suddenly we get Equestria Daily author Calpain writing a huge plea to the fandom to go send their support to the show! This happens every single time big drama happens. I feel it so unusual that we have to go and show extra support just because of the vast few being childish. We show our support everyday, the brony fandom has always been very good at telling the show creators how much we love them. It shocks me so much when everyone throws this big fit because of a few off colour tweets, as if Hasbro are going to suddenly say "Oh snap! the bronies are really being horrible today, looks like we're going to have to cancel one of our most popular shows just to show them how mean they are!!". In fact, I hate the sort of general idea that Equestria Girls was made to punish bronies.. how do you even work that out? I have to say, some people really seem removed from reality at times.

At the end of the day you're entitled to whatever opinion you may have on Equestria Girls. But let me ask you this.. this time a few years ago.. did you ever think you'd be enjoying My Little Pony at all? Probably not. Give the show a chance, actually watch it, as I can assure you even if it's not amazing it'll be worth a good chuckle.

Anyway, that's my rant out of the way! Hope it's been insightful or whatever~ Till next time!

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