Tuesday, 28 May 2013

BronyDays chairman Q&A!

So, for you guys who just can't get enough pony here in the UK how about attending BronyDays, the French Brony convention to be held in October this year!

Now, it'll be great to get the word out about the convention and to raise awareness in the UK. After the break we have a Q&A with the chairman of BronyDays, containing tons of information about the convention and more!

So here goes!

1 – Ok, would you like to introduce yourself to the Bronies of the UK!

Hey! I’m Matthieu, the chairman of the BronyDays convention. This is a brony convention to be held in Paris on October 26th and 27th 2013. I started from scratch in April 2012 with my friend Yann, only with the idea of making a convention in France. The fun fact to say is that we were actually studying for a competition exam. Soon Claire joined us and we create the AROBD association (Association for the Organization of the BronyDays). Now, the team is bigger, with Simontheb, Ægwinn, Libium… And now the process is on the way: we have even already announced some guests!

2 – How are you making BronyDays unique compared to other conventions?

It's the only brony convention in France, and overall in Paris! And it's the only convention happening in the end of October, so expect it to be Nightmare Night themed!

3 – What’s your main focus for the convention? Is it to provide entertainment through special guests or are you taking a focus on showcasing the fandom more?

Both! We want our convention to enjoy everyone. Such an event is a unique opportunity for fans to meet special guests, who often come from far away. They can interact with them, ask questions and learn more about them. And there will be a lot of activities fandom related, because we know the fandom is important for many bronies. In such a convention you can meet a lot of people, with whom you have the common point that you are fans of the show My little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

4 – So, tell us more about the venue and the area of France it is located!

The venue is the EFCB, located in Montreuil, two metro stations away from Paris. There are many hotels and restaurants nearby. You are very welcome to stay longer and enjoy the beautiful city of Paris!
Here you can find more information about the venue.

5 – What special guests from both the fandom and the show do you have in store for us?

Here are the guests we already announced:
M.A. Larson, the writer who brought us amazing episodes such as Sonic Rainboom, Return of Harmony, Luna Eclipsed, Magic Duel and Magical Mystery Cure.
The Living Tombstone, one of the biggest musicians in the fandom.
Jan Animation, a very talented artist, well-known for having animated the songs “Picture Perfect Pony”, and “Meet the Bronies” for the brony documentary.
LaserPon3, famous for his spectacular laser shows, will perform at the convention.
Yulynh, a very talented visual artist, who designed the posters for both our convention and the crowdfunding campaign.

And may be more are to be announced! It only depends of how our crowd funding campaign is going. The fund raised will be used to invite guests to the convention: the more money we get, the more guests there will be! Several VAs have announced their wish to come to the BronyDays, so anything might happen !
Here is our Indiegogo page

6 – Is the convention going to include a lot of French culture?

Not that much, as the show is not French and as the convention will be bilingual for it to be accessible to every european brony. But, as soon as you will be off the convention, you will be in a French street in which you could read French, hear French, and of course enjoying French gastronomy!

7 – Who’s the team behind BronyDays?

Here is the Bureau of the association: Claire as Secretary & Artistic Head, Yann as Treasurer, Simon as Public Communication Head, and myself as Chairman.
The other members of the association are: Ægwinn as Head of Activity Organizers, Libium is dealing with our partners, Atlantis is the Website Administrator, and this website has been created with the help from both DonNut and Astaen. Hastein and Fangh are in charge of the role-playing games.
We can also count upon the help of our amazing volunteers: Yulynh, PXLcat, Imalou, Azure Glow for doing so many draws, or helping by various ways.
We do have to thanks all these people: without them, the BronyDays would still remain thoughts on paper.

8 – Tell us more about your lovely mascot! What’s her name?
Our lovely mascot has been designed by the talented Florecentmoo, her name is Madame Banane. Her coat is blue like the royal French colour and she is so frenchy.

9 - Ok, little something about the show now!
Would you say the dubs or the subs are more popular in France? And are there any French in-jokes hidden in the dubs that us Brits might not understand?

Most French bronies watch the show in its original version, with or without subtitles, but few of them actually watch the French dubs, which quality is highly controversial in France, therefore, there are hardly any French dub joke. What might be felt different for French and Brits are the scenes in which there are French references, like the numerous occasions in which Rarity speaks in French, and Gustave le Grand's "très magnifique" which made us laugh a lot because you do not say it like that. We really like those French references because after all, Frenchship is Magic !

10 – Last question! If you could summarise why someone should come to BronyDays in one sentence what would you say?

As Rarity would say: The BronyDays are going to be chic, unique, and magnifique.


A big thanks to Matthieu and the whole BronyDays team! I can't wait to see how the con goes, hopefully I'll be attending myself!

Here's their website and the UKoE thread!

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