Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Summer Sun Celebration!

The Summer Sun Celebration's website has been released!
Taking place in Manchester Central (formally G-Mex) as part of BUCK, this brony music festival is set to be the largest in all of Europe!

Be set for tons of performers including The Living Tombstone, AcousticBrony, Glaze, General Mumble, RainbowCrash88, Blaze, Addictia, Icky, ClutterviX, TeiThePony, LaserPon3 and an amazing trope of glow performers! This party is going to be amazing, be sure to be there! Be sure to buy your tickets now for only £15, this is a bargain!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

BronyDays chairman Q&A!

So, for you guys who just can't get enough pony here in the UK how about attending BronyDays, the French Brony convention to be held in October this year!

Now, it'll be great to get the word out about the convention and to raise awareness in the UK. After the break we have a Q&A with the chairman of BronyDays, containing tons of information about the convention and more!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Anicon Radio!

Recently I appeared on the podcast Anicon Radio! We talked about this site, bronies and various other interesting topics such as Google Glass and Nvidia's upcoming game console. The hosts, Liam and Ed are pretty awesome and are intending to introduce a brony section into their show every week!

You can catch their latest episode here on Mixcloud
Follow them other on Facebook and Google+ for all the latest news and episode releases!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Response to the fandom's negativity

I didn't really want to write about this.. nor am I even really compelled to do so either. I just felt it might be of some interest for some people, or at least something to keep me entertained during this train journey I have found myself on. Now, you all obviously must know by now that the Equestria Girls trailer has been released, if not, here it is again.

My opinions on this? As suggested in my previous post about EqG, I loved it. Looking just slightly deeper than what the trailer gives you there is definitely a pretty good overall story for the movie that relates to the show canon and mythology.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Equestria Girls Trailer!!!!!

Probably the best snap shot! I have to say.. I am speechless. It was pretty amazing! Seriously, there is nothing wrong with it, like at all. The human animation might not be as amazing as what we're used to, it's a little more on the lines of Littlest Pet shop, but the art is far higher quality than the promo shots!

Something interesting is the actual pony scenes were very very cinematic, so even if you dislike the whole highschool setting in the human world I think you'll definitely enjoy the beginning and closing scenes!

Check out the NY Times article here!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Buck: Legacy Card game to appear at MCM London!

So I just opened tumblr for whatever reason and I noticed the MCM logo! To my surprise it was from the Buck: Legacy card game's blog.

They're having a table this year at the MCM London Comic Con! So be sure to check them out, apparently they'll be having some special gifts up for grabs!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Equestria Girls, we're kind of Magical!

So, the dreaded date June 16th is certainly around the corner. That date is in fact the release of MLP:FiM - Equestria Girls. Now for those who are keeping up to date with this should know that it's being released in US cinemas, though I'm not overly certain how many cinemas that'll be! I'm pretty sure it's mostly a straight to DVD release but we'll have to wait and see. I don't really want to have to watch it from a shaky recording on an iPhone, as that would totally suck. Hopefully we'll be seeing a DVD rip or it broadcast on the HUB not long after the release date. Now I know a lot of you aren't overly excited about this and yes I do agree the designs of the humanised ponies aren't fab but it really is a case of just giving it a go. I think a lot of us are a little disheartened by it as we haven't really had much news, there hasn't even been a trailer yet. The setting might be a little odd, Highschool wasn't all of our favourite times of our lives. However an interesting piece of info says that EVERYPONY has a human counterpart. This'll be interesting to see, though for all we know Celestia will be the head master of the school! If such is the case, Luna just has to be the uber cool science teacher with a passion for Astrometry or something equally bizarre.