Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy April 1st!

So today's been quite the day of ponytastic pranks and jokes. I feel bad for not attempting to do something similar, sadly though i'm pretty rubbish at pranks!

We've had EQD reporting on some insane things, Welovefine selling pony perfumes and the twitterverse has been very active with tons of silly and fun tweets by the community and show staff. And no Google, I don't want to sniff you!

Alicorn Seaponies are the best sort!

I've always imagined Angel having a really deep voice.. Morgan Freeman maybe?

Well.. gotta have the transformers product placement somewhere!

More Sea ponies, obviously! 

To be honest, I still think this is totally legit.

My friend complained because they didn't have a Big Mac one.. 

Well there we have it, just a small fraction of the pony pranks that bronies partook in today. There's plenty more out there so watch out!

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