Friday, 19 April 2013

Big thank you to /mlp/

They said I was insane, I showed them otherwise! Yesterday I took a gamble and made a thread on /mlp/ about Bronies UK and this here website! I really feel it's a shame that most other websites and communities involved with Bronies seem too scared to dare tread on the infamous website known as 4chan. It is where our fandom was born after all. Anyway, the thread was hugely insightful, quite entertaining, gained us a few submissions and even got myself an interview with ANI-Con Radio. This was the first ever time I had posted  as a namefag.. feels dirty.. I've always been a lurker.

I think i'd love to do a Q&A on /mlp/ in the near future and hopefully get a few others helping out. We'll see about that though!

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