Friday, 26 April 2013

Ello there Manechester!

So, last Sunday saw a rather fantastic brony meet in the grand city of Manchester! Definitely a good one I have to say, it practically lasted three days for myself and the other organisers, haha! Was an amazing weekend and I really can't wait for the next one, as I am sure most of the attendees are eager for the next one as well.

The UKoE feedback thread can be found here! We appreciate your feedback!!

Some significant points include the quiz, where poor old Cheesey got bombarded by blindbags and various other pony merch as retaliation to his rather tricky first question! Blueflow with Mareplay UK made an appearance, along with many other fantastic vendors! There was the fan fiction contest and the art contest took on a different twist this time with the task being to draw CatBug! You're probably best off checking Cheesey's write up on the UKoE for a more insight view on the event!

Till next time!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Introducing our tumblr!

Today i'm happy to announce our epic venture into the pony tumblrverse with our new tumblr blog!
Led by the artist behind Not-So Royal Twilight and Rarity's Dresses (Be warned as these blogs are somewhat grimdark!). Hopefully we'll be seeing some interesting content and reblogs pop up on our tumblr over the next few days!

The blog can be found here

Fan fiction: The Great War


Ok well this is a fairly interesting one we received during the /mlp/ thread. It's a fan fiction but has a few assets to go along with it. It's written by Dreamlander, back in September after /mlp/ demanded he write more, he did just that! This is quite a long one, but on first peek it seems worth the read! The story appears heavily OC and military taking on a film script style of writing. Check out the gallery, the side folders have the core story, side story and assets. In fact this submission is the entire deviant page!

The Great War: Day Zero This is the first part of the main story, read on from here!

Music: Out West and Albion's theme!

Following our /mlp/ thread, one of the submissions we received was this rather lovely piece of instrumental music from musician Linx. Inspired by Apploosa, the frontier of Equestria and everypony's favourite cousin, Braeburn! His YouTube channel can be found here, I do suggest you check his other songs out!

Also one of our lovely new Facebook page admins has kindly made our mascot, Albion, a theme tune! Check it out after the break!

Big thank you to /mlp/

They said I was insane, I showed them otherwise! Yesterday I took a gamble and made a thread on /mlp/ about Bronies UK and this here website! I really feel it's a shame that most other websites and communities involved with Bronies seem too scared to dare tread on the infamous website known as 4chan. It is where our fandom was born after all. Anyway, the thread was hugely insightful, quite entertaining, gained us a few submissions and even got myself an interview with ANI-Con Radio. This was the first ever time I had posted  as a namefag.. feels dirty.. I've always been a lurker.

I think i'd love to do a Q&A on /mlp/ in the near future and hopefully get a few others helping out. We'll see about that though!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

De Lancie announced for BUCK 2013

As you all should know by now, the ever amazing John De Lancie has been announced for BUCK 2013! He was set to come last year but sadly couldn't make it due to being summed by the Q continuum for various reasons. However, as I do believe his fellow Q's have ordered him to attend BUCK this year where i'm sure he'll be putting on one hell of a show! I for one, am very excited!

For the official article click here

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fan Fiction:- The Equestria Games: First Blood


Today we have a pony rendition of the hunger games. This is a pretty long read through, even in it's incomplete state it is over half the size of a full novel! It appears to be well written and if you're a fan of the hunger games it'll be definitely worth a read.

The story follows the the failed revolution against the capital, now two ponies between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district must be offered to compete in the Equestria Games, a fight to the finish.

Author: 8_Bit
Chapters 1-26: Fim Fiction

Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy April 1st!

So today's been quite the day of ponytastic pranks and jokes. I feel bad for not attempting to do something similar, sadly though i'm pretty rubbish at pranks!

We've had EQD reporting on some insane things, Welovefine selling pony perfumes and the twitterverse has been very active with tons of silly and fun tweets by the community and show staff. And no Google, I don't want to sniff you!