Monday, 4 February 2013

Twicorn - We've seen nothing yet!

Now as you all must know by now, everyone's favourite bookworm pony is set to ascend into a princess pony during the season 3 final. There has been much talk of rage, annoyance and general disbelief in the entire affair. Oddly enough however I have personally seen more talk of drama rather than actual drama among the communities. Many people actually seem incredibly pleased about Twilight's new fancy set of wings. I for one welcome our new overlord  princess. There are a few points I'd like to mention however. For those not wanting to be spoiled don't join us after the break! For those who want to venture into a long review of different aspects of season one and two and a few fan theories hit that link below!

Canterlot Wedding

During the lead up to the Season 2 final the information we had been given included:
  • Twilight has a brother called Shining Armour.
  • He was getting married to a Princess named Cadance.
  • The Episode was going to take place in Canterlot.
  • There was a threat to Canterlot.
  • Songs, lots of songs.

There was no mention of Changelings, no mention of Queen Chrysalis or what the threat truly was. We didn't even see our lovely fanged queen or her subjects until the second part! During the first part we were still under the impression that Cadance had became a horrible pony.
On top of that there was a whole bunch of things that surprised us during the wedding two parter. Celestia being defeated and throw aside being one of the best examples. 


For those of you who can remember the gap between season one and two will remember when the information referring to Discord was announced. As I recall all we knew was that he was the embodiment of chaos  As funny as it may sound, most bronies assumed at the time Discord was going to be a male alicorn. Dark coloured, evil and even as far to believed to be a sibling of Princess Celestia and Luna.

All that sounds rather silly now. But lets look at the Discord we have came to love and adore. Bronies back then thought the idea of a canon evil male alicorn to be very interesting. But instead we got a Chimera. The mix-mashed body parts of different animals all forming Discord, a Draconequus. What we got was so much better than we could have ever imagined. The creative process behind Discord is incredible. Okay, he may be a parody of Q from Star Trek, but he is truly one of the most memorable characters in all of children's television. I was truly gob-smacked when I saw first Discord, his design, his lines, the fact that he was voiced by John De-Lancie, everything about him was well above mine and everyone else's expectations.


After her first appearance in the pilot episodes and her redemption from her actions as Nightmare Moon there was tons, I mean literary tons of fan work dedicated to this one pony. She was beloved by every brony in the fandom. She quickly became the favourite Princess and her character grew within fan fictions, comics and artwork. She was the shy, quirky, out of time, unusual, gothic, cute, evil, kind, elitist, emotional princess of the night. Some people to this day joke that the Luna we saw in Season two wasn't what they expect but, though this might seem contradictory to my earlier points, she was what many expected. Without being fan pandering, I believe the Luna what we saw in the Nightmare Night episode was that of one that related to all of the ideas the fans had came up with, and more. She humorous in ways that we hadn't predicted but also she felt just right, as if her character fit in perfectly with the ideas that the fandom had formed over the year between her first and second appearances.


So my point I am trying to get across is that Studio B has impressed us all so many times. They have pushed our expectations of what we think we can receive from a children's show and shown us that there is still plenty of fresh ideas and wonder out there.
Given this reflection on the past three seasons, I am confident to say that there are still many surprises to be had from FiM and the season three final will be one loved by the masses!

Fan theories

A small piece of information that seems to have been missed is the season 3 final's synopsis.

"When Twilight casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies, the only way to reverse the spell is by writing her own magic."

Oddly enough when people talk about Twilight becoming an Alicorn they forget to consider that the entire thing could just be a mistake. All we know as of yet is that Twilight is going to be advancing in her studies, this has been thrown about quite a lot and the indication at the end of the Crystal Empire two parter is that Celestia and Luna both agree that Twilight is ready for something. Now maybe this is that she is ready to ascend into becoming an Alicorn, but a poplar theory at the start of season three was that she was going to move on to be tutored by Princess Luna. To really get the theories rolling there is even indication that the princesses actually intend Discord to be her new tutor, hence his recent reform. Don't even get me started on what I have read about the possibility that Discord is Star Swirl the Beared.

The name of the episode is "Magical Mystery Cure", this pretty much spells that something wrong has happened and it must be fixed.

Now whatever Celestia's intentions with Twilight are I am pretty darn sure that no matter what theories and ideas we have.. we are in for a nice surprise in a few weeks time.

Before I leave you to carry on with whatever you were previously doing just for a second imagine that Twilight's destiny got switched. Which pony would be the most significant to be switched with? Her brother, Shining Armour. If Twilight was the one to marry a prince and Shiny was the one who was sent to Ponyville to make friends this could be a very interesting turn of events. Just a silly idea I had today, probably far from the truth but interesting nevertheless!