Friday, 21 November 2014

Friendship Report: Realisation and Ideas.

Dear Reader,

Yes it's that time of week again, that time when I realise I've not done anything productive and I haven't actually learned anything about friendship. It's also where I pick apart everything I have done so far this week and realise that maybe I have learned something. And now that I have quickly done so I have realised that I actually did learn something.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Friendship Report: Teaching and High Hopes

Dear Readers,

A lot of people tend to look upon teachers and think "Ugh. A Monkey could do their job." Or at least, that's how it is where I live. Anyway I've had my hands full with teaching guitar this week, and I've come to realise that when you are trying to teach, even the simplest thing gets on your nerves, and chances are when you get told off by your teachers for "Totes not doing anythin'" chances are you actually were doing something really infuriating.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Friendship Report: A Good First Impression

Dear Readers,

You should all know about the importance of making a good first impression on people. It's usually a good way to ensure that people are nice to you throughout your relationship with them. However, good first impressions can be quite hard for some of us, like myself, so here's my failure at making a good first impression.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Friendship Reports: Skins, Memories & Hallowe'en

Dear Readers,

As some of you may know, this week has been half term, at least it has been for some. As strange as it sounds, I don't actually like these little holiday's very much, they break my usual routine, and mean that I have to find something else to occupy my time with. Thus this has been a week almost completely void of excitement.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Friendship Report: Rainbow Rocks

Dear Readers,

Before I start I'd like to point out that this is not a review of Rainbow Rocks. That aside, I did watch, and enjoy, the film. Anyway I have had a fairly interesting week, which involved me and my college friends spending the majority of our college time wandering aimlessly around Hanley city center. I even received an unexpected message, from the person I least expected to message me.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Friendship Report: Confidence, my College Friends, and the Black Leather Coat

Dear Readers,

For the last two weeks I've been feeling rather down, which is why I haven't posted for the last two weeks. I've been feeling sad because I've lost a friend, as I posted about awhile ago, and since then, I've also found out the "real reason" as to why she no longer wants to communicate with me in any way. On the upside, I've now bounced back!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sonic Rainboom DVD now in Stores! + Contest

So the awesome guys over at Primal Screen, the UK DVD distributors, are releasing some new My Little Pony DVDs and have kindly offered to send us some to give away as prizes!
You should be seeing their DVDs popping up all about the place over the next few weeks. The new one is "Sonic Rainboom" which comes with a total of ten episodes on two disks with over 220 minutes of pony goodness. They're available now in many different retailers and online.

Now, a contest is not a contest without a brilliantly brainstormed task for you guys to do.

But, I think we'll keep it rather simple! We'll have to do a massive give-away one day, I promise, maybe include an extra horse.

If you want a chance to win one of three 10 episode DVDs simply send in a picture of some of your merch (such as a blind bag pony!) in either a hilarious situation or outside somewhere awesome.
You can have multiple entries but you can only win one of the three DVDs!

Email your entries to or hit me a PM over on the UKoE.

PS: Extra Points if your pic is Halloween related since it's that time of the year!

Deadline for the contest is 31st October!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Friendship Report: Good Bye Dear Friend

Dear Readers,

If you haven't guessed from the title, I lost a friend this week. Don't worry she hasn't died or anything, we just had what was apparently a major fallout. Either way, I'm classing it as she no longer wants to speak to me or hear from me, which is a shame since she was my biggest fan. So now I shall blast you with a few metaphorical analogies, which should hopefully provide you with at least some good advice.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Call of the Cutie Conference

MLP Conference Funded by Brighton University

A report by Hayley Berry

Despite the immediate feelings of shock, dismay and negativity it sparked amongst campaign group members as a result of its actions, Brighton university stood proud earlier this year, when staff there admitted spending funding received from the public on a conference, dedicated to the open discussion and research of the show, 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'.
In total, it was found that £400 money originally from the public went towards the event, causing questions to be asked among those in disapproval of the show's 30-year history being discussed in a number of in-depth talks throughout the nine hour event.

Profits made to the university itself after the event came to a disappointing £16, from the 14 attendees who each paid a £30 fee, to listen to and take part in conversations involving such topics as the show's history, the many mythological stories surrounding it and even the merchandise itself, namely how it links to such artistic expressions as photography and poem writing.

A quote from a university spokesman interviewed regarding the conference states the university's main priorities and commitments lie within "a broad portfolio of applied research that often had low profile, but had high public benefits". This also comes as a direct reply to those who believe the study of what are essentially being seen as "children's toys" was in the end really worth the sheer amount spent, for such little profit in return.

For the spokesman in question at least, the answer seems to be that it is. He was said to have made the point that, in spite of all controversy surrounding the university's spending choices, they still continue to be a highly ranked UK university, proudly supporting almost 7,000 various different jobs in a number of sectors.
They also make a yearly contribution of £700 million pounds to the South East Economy.

With all this in mind, whether or not the university funding the conference was justified, is something I will leave your pony fanatic selves to ponder and maybe come up with your own decision....

Friday, 19 September 2014

Friendship Report: Another Bout of Inspiration

Dear Readers,

This week I have actually learned quite a few things about friendship, unfortunately, I'm not going to talk about the majority of them, until further notice. So I'm going to actually talk about something that happened earlier today, but I'll start it with something that happened on Wednesday, when I made a new friend.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Friendship Report: Decisions

Dear Readers,

We have all come to those times when we need to make a decision, but we just don't know which thing we should chose to do. That may have been something serious, or it may have been something trivial. Either way we all are constantly bashed with the need to decide on something, even things that we shouldn't have to decide on. So let's talk about the sacred art of decision making.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Friendship Report: The Rally & College

Dear Readers,

If you didn't notice, I didn't post a Friendship report last week because I was at Another Piggin' Rally which is a bike rally run by The Greedy Pigs M.C.C. I was there to help out more than anything else, but I still had a lot of fun and even made a few friends. I'm also posting this a little late because I've just started college and my mental schedule hasn't sorted itself out yet.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Frienship Report: Inspiration & Idols

Dear Reader,

This week I've learned a little something about inspiration and the people we idolise. Of course I don't know who you idolise, I only really know who I do, and more than anything I look up to my oldest brother Chaz for inspiration, who conveniently looks to me for the exact same thing.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Friendship Report: Rock 'n' Roll!

Dear Readers,

Yesterday me and my mate Nath were called posers by two girls who think we're not real rockers. It didn't bother me, but I had to hold Nath back before he turned at least one of them into spaghetti sauce (you know, the lumpy kind). It probably didn't bother me on the sole basis that I didn't think they were real prostitutes, despite their attire. Anyway this post isn't about me getting insulted by two idiot teens, it's about stereotypes in general.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Celebrities in the Brony Fandom.

An article on the many ways, the lives of those in the spotlight are affected by the magic of friendship...

By Hayley Berry

"Celebrity" - what's first thing to come to mind when you hear that word?
Whatever the case may be and wherever you may stand when it comes to your view on the rich and famous, I can bet one thing's for sure - the last thing that comes to mind is their possible interest (or lack thereof) in the candy coloured pony fandom we've all grown to know and love.

For a number of pony lovers, without true, legitimate confirmation from the person themselves, there is no real way of telling whether an idol of theirs really does enjoy the show, as sometimes there can be misunderstandings surrounding a famous person's likelihood of being a part of the fandom. An example of this is Deadmau5 was suspected of being a Brony, when we was seen wearing a Fluttershy depicting shirt to a concert he was playing in island. This caused him to have to later explain to misled fans that he is not, in fact, a Brony.

The important, integral life lessons each of us learns from the day-to-day activities of our pony friends are all around us. To me, one of the most memorable and key things that we can take from them, is that the people who can take these lessons and apply them to their everyday lives, are not just those of us who consider ourselves the "regular" MLP fans but those we look up to as well. To me, upon announcing their love of the show we all have placed our hopes and hearts into, the people who give us the joy and happiness their chosen career field brings, be it music, film-making, writing etc. should only be seen as more of an asset to the way we choose to live, than they were before taking the big step of letting the world see this whole new side of them. It takes a huge bout of confidence and respect for the fandom, for anyone to feel ready to openly admit being a Brony/Pegasister to the world. The main reason for this being the risk of abuse, bullying and sometimes even neglect from those closest to us, as well as from people we've never met (and probably never will). So for a famous person to declare themselves as one of us must take an even greater amount leap of faith, for which my level of respect for such people is very high.

To conclude, my personal opinion on what we can all take away from the interconnecting worlds of celebrity and non-celebrity Bronies/Pegasisters, is that no matter what our personal status in the world may be, acceptance and tolerance of each and every one of us in the fandom is key to its happiness. Just because somepony may be under pressure to please those they are working for, because they're out there in the spotlight and need to make an impression, doesn't necessarily mean they should become a robot, so to speak and as such keep their love of something that may get them mocked or worse, abandoned by their fans or close ones to themselves. This is something we need to show the ones we look up to. Whether or not we are a fan of any particular famous pony fan out there, I believe we should conduct ourselves in such a way that lets them know they have no reason to be afraid of admitting what they like to the world, to anyone. After all, isn't that what kick-started their careers in the first place...?

There are a whole host of possible answers to this question.
For some, it is a title that shows status, poise and talent in the person's particular field or chosen pathway in life. For others, it is simply a label, placed upon a person to make them seem more "important" or "higher up" in life than the non-famous amongst us in this world.
Personally, my view on the term depends entirely on the person it's being used to describe. Are they somebody who has worked their way up from the bottom to be where they are, seen hard times and struggled through them best they could, with little to no help along the way?
Or are they somebody who happens to be lucky enough to be physically related to such a person, the results of which usually take the form of said relation being used as what most would call a tool, a tool to be used as a quick fix in the lands of celebrity stardom. Something a person feels no shame in using to get them where they want to be much more quickly.

What would you do, if you were to one day find out your idol was a Brony or Pegasister? Would it change the way you viewed them as a person, or would you simply not mind and carry on your life as normal?
There are a number of factors that could influence where you'd go from the point of finding out; who exactly is said idol, is being a Brony/Pegasister something you'd long suspected of them, or a complete surprise?
Should the latter be the situation, do you think you'd be able to handle it or would you be a little disappointed that the Brony family you've come to love after all these years is expanding so quickly? Would you see it as almost like your child, something you as the "parent" has held close to your heart for so long, but must now set free so that others may also experience the magic for themselves?

There were a number of fans who saw this news as disappointing to hear, but accepted it nonetheless.
Alongside these misunderstandings, however, there are also happier times when the famous are happy to openly accept and admit their love for the show, sharing it with the world without a care for what people may think.
A celebrity who fits nicely into this category is Anthony Bourdain, who once clearly stated that he is happy to sit and watch the show with his daughter.

Everypony doesn't have to agree with or even begin to like a person for their interest in our fandom, but respecting them and as such treating them as both an individual, and as a part of our family will be the first step towards changing the way we are seen in the public eye in general - if celebrities in the Brony fandom can one day be accepted, perhaps us non-celeb's will be too...